Online Dating

Women go on it to find their soul mate and men go on it to find a one night stand.

How depressing is that?

I have multiple friends who enjoy the whimsical casualness of online dating, but their main focus is to find someone long-term.

Isn’t that why online dating sites soared? People were tired of meeting flings at the bar and having it go nowhere because it wasn’t an organized encounter. There were less expectations and needs.

On an online dating site, people joined to meet someone who they can have similar interests with and possibly have physical attraction and chemistry that can lead to more than a few dates.

But from the stories I hear, it seems to be that the men on the dating sites are using it as a leverage to make the women assume that they may want more than that but in actuality, they don’t.

A woman meeting a man for a date from an online site has her guard down and expecting the man to be on the same wavelength as her. Something monogamous and long-term.

Now this can turn out really bad. A woman with no qualms and a man with one intention.

I say online dating sites are bogus. All those commercials are fraud and if you truly want to find your soul mate, you’re just going to have to live and do you until organically he appears in your life.

God intended everyone to live happily ever after, so don’t try to force anything.


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