Who Does That?

I happened to stumble across this video on my YouTube account and I am disgusted.

Yes, relationships with steep age gaps are ok amongst adults, but an age gap of 12 years for a 24 year old is statutory rape. Whether or not they’re having sex, it’s still disgusting.

It’s ok for late 20’s and up to date others that are significantly younger or older, because the society has accepted it. Thanks to the celebrities who have flaunted their significant other all around town.

But for a young 20 something year old to date a girl in her teens? That’s just wrong!

We tend to gravitate to the people we have things in common and can communicate with and depending on life experiences it can come at any age after the age of 25.

What can a 12 year old and a 24 year old possibly have in common????

This is a sick world!


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