How To Be A Lady

BE MINDFUL. Of your body, health and future.

It was time to reup on my birth control so I visited my gyno for my routine check up and refill.

I have a systematic way of getting myself checked.

After EVERY relationship, CHECK.

Three months into a new relationship, CHECK.

I don’t remember where I heard this but apparently any disease does not appear until about 3 months later.

The worst part about the visit is when I’m waiting for my results for the HIV test. Even though I know I’m not contracted, it’s still nerve wracking waiting for the results.

I tried to take a pic of the finger prick and the little contraption used to find results, but they wouldn’t let me and I couldn’t be sneaky.



So please ladies, learn to take care of your body because it’s easier for men not to know that they have something and may pass it on to you!


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