How To Be A Single Parent

Quite honestly, there really isn’t a “right” answer for this.

Every circumstance/situation is different.

There are those who do not have one or the other, those who do not get along and those who are both in it.

Depending on the situation and person, there are many ways to be a single parent.

The biggest issue I would say is, bringing a new “figure” into the child’s life.

Who determines who, when, where, why and how? It’s kind of like writing a lede for a story. All those elements are needed to make the “perfect” meeting. But there is no “perfect” or “right” time, EVER to introduce a child to a new beau.

People judge and make opinions about when should be the right time, but being a single parent, it’s not about when you do it but how you communicate with your child about the person you’re going to be introducing.

I know I have made mistakes in the past but my mistakes would be much more of an issue if I didn’t have the open relationship I have with my son.

I know now not to jump the gun and let my heart take over. Call me a fool for love but no more fooling around for me.

I blame my hopeless romantic side for believing that all my relationships were “the one.” But after each relationship, I realize that it wasn’t love, but merely giving all my heart because that’s what I do. Granted the chances of getting heart broken is more likely but like all relationships, romantic or not, giving it your all is always a sure bet, and more likely, a chance for you not to have any regrets.

I am lucky to have such an amazing child. Our conversations can be more mature than ones I’ve had with actual adults, surprisingly. My priority is  him and his feelings. The last thing I want is for him to get emotionally attached to someone who won’t be in his life for long.

Having to deal with this issue is probably the biggest one in a single parent’s life. The rest just plays out on its own.

One big issue I had in the past was the fact that I was “in love” with my bf at the time, but after I introduced my son, his interaction and behavior made me fall out of love with him.

That is still the biggest fear I have and I know that it is unfair for me to have an expectation from any man but as a mother, I can only want the best for my son.

Being a single parent is hard, no matter how much help or money or love you may have around you.

The most important thing is to know what you want and who you are so you can represent the best of you for your child and their future.

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