Eugene, the producer was able to get a handle of comp tickets so I decided to take Tyler.

Neither of us listen to kpop. I didn’t know any of the performers nor did I really care to go, but being a mom, most of the time I must sacrifice for the experience and not the entertainment.

Tyler has never been to a concert either, so I thought the experience for him would be worth the trip. It was in Irvine at the Verizon Amphitheater. The venue reminded me of the Hollywood Bowl but with worse sound quality. I wasn’t sure if the sound was bad because we were sitting so far or because they didn’t do their sound check correctly. Guessing the latter since any concert venue no matter how far up the seats, the sound should be blasting.







Even though we were at the very top, the view of the waving glowsticks made up for it. The performances were hard to hear and see, even on the big screen, but I didn’t really care. It was nice not to be surrounded by screaming fans.

Tyler enjoyed his experience, even mocked the fan girls and danced along to the performers.

Tyler thanked me on the way home for taking him, that’s how I know he really liked it. 🙂


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