It’s That Time of the Year



To most men, the most dreadful day probably because their significant other is expecting something out of this world, better than the last.

To most women it’s the day they expect a sincere romantic experience from their man because, honestly we all know men aren’t romantic unless they have to be.

To me… well it’s a day I feel is a bit overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to celebrate it since I am a romantic but I think looking forward to this day to get something you should be getting already is quite ridiculous.

This is the day I do NOT want flowers, chocolates or anything cheesy. I don’t need a day to be reminded why my bf loves me or why I love him.

Looking back 14 many years of my dating life, I can’t seem to remember one Valentine’s day that left an imprint.

Now that’s pathetic, or shall I say, those boys were pathetic. OR I just have a really bad good memory. 😛

But then again, what girl doesn’t want to be spoiled?

To all the lovers, what is your ideal Valentine’s day?


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