1st Valetine’s

I didn’t get out of class til 10pm, I only had one hour of this holiday to spend with my Bear.

He was still sick so we just exchanged gifts at his home.

One single rose was part of mine. One to represent the first.


I left it on my dash for it to dry out since I spent the night and went straight to work.

A beautifully written letter that made me tear with a cooking class we’ll be taking together, tickets to Kansas, chocolate and a Tom Everhart picture frame.

I was bummed about not having a nice evening out but that was due to my schedule so the only person to get irritated at is myself.

I love everything he got me but the most enjoyable was the chocolate letter. I love heartfelt emotions on paper, call me a romantic or whatever but it is the sincerest form of affection.

I’m also super excited about the trip to his hometown.

KANSAS, here I come!!!!


As for his gifts, he loved them!




It was a bit of struggle but eventually he found the last little gift. 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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