How To Be A Kid

Few weeks ago as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a friend’s photo of her son.


By the looks of the photo, it’s pretty common to have a toddler who’ll get into things and not know how damaging it could be. And as a parent, we really don’t mind because how can we get upset at an innocent child?

The funny part was the interaction between Bear and I. I showed him the photo while laughing because I’ve been in situations with Tyler when he was a baby and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I asked Bear, “what would you do if our child did this?” His response, “I’d wait until they grew up and bought a house, then I’d go over and start scribbling all over their walls and floors,” then they would understand.

The response alone was hilarious. Would he really do that? I doubt it but it would be a funny topic of conversation when we’re sitting around in our child’s home telling them what Bear had planned on doing. They wouldn’t be able to get mad either.

It’s funny how we accept outlandish behavior from our children, but how are we not suppose to. We can set boundaries and rules but it doesn’t mean they’ll stop it.

A child needs to be liberated even when it comes to damaging property. Of course we draw the line and every parent’s threshold is different. A kid needs to be a kid and usually we learn that after having a second child. Our first one gets the stricter parenting style, by the second, we’re usually more nonchalant about their destructiveness.

Thank you LK for allowing me to use your child’s photo 🙂

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