How To Be A Lady

After my hubby’s birthday, my Bear recommended a two drink maximum on the nights I go out.

I’ve always had an issue controlling the alcohol intake while being out and I was reluctant at first to agree but I figured he was suggesting for my best interest.

I’ve been out a handful of times since then and I’ve been keeping my word.

I find that having ONLY two drinks is doable and actually more enjoyable than being shit faced.

It helps me eat less for dinner too! 😛

My safety is the mainly the reason I was put on this rule. Driving under the influence is never a good thing and already having one DUI on my record, I cannot afford to have another.

Self control and learning how to enjoy a night out without having to get completely inebriated.

How NOT to be a lady: (that is not me, btw)




How to be a lady:




Learn to control your alcohol intake. I’ve learned and it’s way more fun than passing out and not remembering.

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