Nontraditional Gal

I’ve been there and done that and now is the time where I can do things the nontraditional way.

The way I want it without feeling like I have to follow the grains.

I decided on the purple Sapphire as my gemstone, for multiple reasons.


1. Duh! My name is Violet and I love purple.

2. Money wise, let’s say I’m smarter and don’t need my bf to spend money on an overrated diamond. Maybe when he’s the 5th billionaire in the world but I’m good for now.

3. The money that could be spent on a diamond could be put towards the house. (I expect a big house, Range Rover included).

4. I’ve had a diamond. It is beautiful and great but I can wait to get the 5 carat pear shape.

I love my lavender sapphire so much. It’s me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s in a platinum setting with micro pavé diamonds, with a split parallel shank.

My gemstone is GIA certified, as all gemstones should be. Never treated, cushion cut, 3.27 carats.

Bear insisted on the traditional diamond but I convinced him to get the sapphire.

Thanks to my dear friends JH & Jo for helping him out in the process.

Eventually I’ll get my 5 carat pear shaped diamond ring but whether or not I do, I’ll be happy with my purple sapphire that signifies our deep eternal love.

I love my nontraditional ring, and I look forward to planning my unconventional wedding!!!



It wouldn’t be a celebration without Dom P!



Close up!







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