Christmas Morning!

Woken up by Bear, who was woken up by his youngest brother.

Apparently he waits at the top of the stairs until all the siblings get out of bed and they all walk down the stairs to the tree together.

We all walked down the stairs together, to the tree where it was filled with presents.

I’ve never experienced this. Opening gifts on Christmas Day as a family and having more than one gift from one person.

Well, it was Santa who signed all the presents. Santa was very generous this year.

Thank you to my new family.







Then we had a delicious breakfast, all homemade by my MIL!



After breakfast we played scrabble, my favorite game. I won of course, and I get to slave Bear around all day! 😛


My gift from Bear was this limited edition Tom Everhart ‘Snoopy in Paintings’ hardcover book.

And Santa gave me the Snoopy ornament. It’ll be a Christmas tradition, a new Snoopy ornament every year.

And the shirt, well I came across it in Target. It was in the boy’s section, the biggest size, last one left. Just for me!

It’ll be my Christmas shirt every year unless I’m too fat to put it on. Which will only be if I’m pregnant.


And then, it was cleanup time…

Bear always makes me laugh!




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