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I sent the letter to the California Association of Museums yesterday to check on the status of my #Snoopy Plate.

I was very confident of them meeting their quota of 7500 applicants to initiate the Snoopy Plate, but I was wrong.

Here’s the reply I got:

Good morning Violet,

Thank you for the Snoopy support! We are over half-way there in license plate sales: about 3,860 pre-purchased. Once we reach the 7,500 requirement, the DMV will receive all payments and information in order to produce and distribute all pre-purchased plates.

Please feel free to email me anytime! We are also keeping current numbers every other week or so (whenever there is a significant number difference in sales) on the Snoopy License Plate homepage,


So if you have not applied, please do so in the above link. This isn’t just a cute way to drive your car around town, it’s the support of museums.

Lets take Snoopy on the road.

Snoopy is a singular beagle. We all know that. He’s also a proud
Californian (Santa Rosa to be precise, about an hour north of San Francisco).

Those are two good reasons right there for Snoopy to be featured on his own California license plate.

Each plate will feature a reproduction of an original Snoopy drawing by Charles Schulz, doing a happy dance, probably in anticipation of an evening drive.

But to make it even more worthwhile, the proceeds from the official Snoopy license plate will go towards supporting California’s museums.

So how do we make it happen?

When 7,500 people have completed the application and paid the corresponding fees, the plates will go into production, and voilà, Snoopy is yours.

So order now! Proceeds help our state’s great museums.

snoopy snoopy

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