#SundayFunday with @asaakira @DVDASA

I finally finished a book! The pool at the country club definitely helped but so did #AsaAkira and her life story.

I heard about her a while ago from my guy friends and knew she was popular in the industry.

I personally never watched any of her videos but reading a snippet online about her biography, I knew I wanted to read it.

Thanks to Amazon, I was able to get the book before my departure.

I finished it before I came back to LA. I could not put it down. Her humor, her choices and the directness wound me in and I was stuck!

The confidence she has about the choices in her life make me feel like a chump. I haven’t done half the shit she has and I don’t feel that confident. Especially with her career being a bit faux pas.

This goes to show that it doesn’t matter what profession you have as long as you have conviction and pride in what you do. You can be respected and loved for being who you are and doing the best you can.

She totally has my respect! I need to learn a few things from her… I think all women do.

FUCK what people think, do what makes you happy.

It’s obvious and I know I try to live by that everyday but most of the time, I let my conscious take over and care about what people may think.

I need more confidence. Shit, if she ever had a public speaking event, I’d go. 😛

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