#FDNJ #HometownAdvantage

What a successful turnout! We actually ran out of food and everything else because our VIP Hospitality area was filled to the max!

Everyone loved EVERYTHING! The food was a hit, the custom printed water bottles were so #fancy & #bossy, the AC unit was appreciated by EVERYONE and the gift bags were all given out!

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed everyone having fun!

IMG_9052 IMG_9035 IMG_9033 IMG_9031 IMG_9030 IMG_9029 IMG_9028

We had to run out quickly and ended up getting stuck behind the line up during practice. It’s as if we were one of the cars that were going out to practice! 😛

IMG_8947 IMG_8943


 At the end of the day, we won 1st & 2nd! The president of Hankook was at the event as well and he was ecstatic about the victory!

IMG_9083 IMG_9082 IMG_9080 IMG_9079 IMG_9078 IMG_9077

CONGRATULATIONS Fredric Aasbo for 1st!!!!


Congratulations Chris Forsberg for 2nd!


the other guy for 3rd!

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