One of my favorite childhood memory was when my mommy would sit me in the tub and she would squat beside me and use her little green handcloth/towel pocket thingy and scrub me all over. I would sometimes cry because it was painful but at the end of it, I felt so clean and refreshed.

The best thing about being Korean is that we’ve learned to scrub the right way. If you’ve ever been to a Korean Spa, they have a service where and old person of the same sex will scrub your entire body just like how your Korean mom used to as a kid.

My favorite treatment at a spa, EVER! She/He climbs over over you, above you and in and out through the folds of your skin. Every dead skin is rubbed off and then washed off with warm water.

It’s amazing to see all the crap that comes off your body.

I try to get the treatment done every six months. I should really do it more often, but the hassle to go to a Korean spa isn’t my cup of tea.

In between my scrubs, I have to maintain on my own. I can’t call my mom and ask her to come over to the shower and scrub me. Quite honestly, if I asked, I’m sure she would still do it.

I use DermaDoctor’s Body Scrub. I first got to know this line of products because I wanted to get rid of the little bumps on my upper arm area. I had no idea why I had it but I did some research and found KP Duty, Dermatologist Moisturizing Therapy. After couple weeks of use, my upper arm area was clear of bumps. That’s when I knew that their products were awesome. I started to buy a bunch of their products. I stocked up on the Moisturizing Therapy because the product wasn’t heavy and it was easily transportable and unscented. A little on the pricey side but worth it to get rid of my problem area. (This was YEARS ago).

I also go the antiperspirant, but I never used it much because, well, I am Korean and we don’t have B.O., ever. 😛


‘KP duty’ Body Scrub



go get yourself scrubbed by a Korean old person in their intimates at the spa, it will change your life.

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