Bridesmaids Gift


The bridesmaid situation was a headache and now that I am not having a wedding, I don’t need to deal with it anymore.

The only two that was a sure bet got their gifts and the other two … well, since I’m not having a wedding…

That’s my answer. I’m not having a wedding, therefore I do NOT have any bridesmaids.

I got the acrylic cases from NTD. They have the best of everything! Well, everything that goes into a retail store.

I got the cards made from Etsy and I added my favorites into the case.

Photos of us, #RubyStella bracelet, Bear Baby handkerchief, Dior Addict Lip Glow, and a notepad with their name.





It was cute. If I were my bridesmaid, I would be happy.

So different from my first wedding. We didn’t do things like this. We just got them a gift and gave it to them on the day of the wedding. There wasn’t a special way to announce or ask to be a bridesmaid. I just said, “you’re going to be one,” 5xs. 😛