THIS IS NOT OKAY! #fergusonshooting

I was driving to DTLA around 11:30pm and the whole freeway was closed off and the traffic was backed up to Irvine. JK, it was only backed up to the on ramp to the 110 when I got on. Either way, it’s really ridiculous all the commotion that’s going on for this whole James Michael Brown shit. Pun intended. It’s not OKAY, people of #LosAngeles! It’s NOT okay to ruin people’s commute and create a ruckus! Get it together, don’t you have something better to do than use this as an excuse to go out and act like monkeys???

If you haven’t watched my video, you should do it now.

Yes, I may not know the facts, but I know enough to make my own opinion.

If I had a gun and I was being charged at by a person (of any color) I would probably shoot them too.

It’s funny how everyone sent me a message on FB telling me to correct the name on the video. I know it was Michael Brown. I was just making a point to how insignificant his name is. And so is the color of the skin. It’s funny to act dumb sometimes.

I was just telling Jo the other day, I’m “dumb” smart. Way better than being “smart” dumb. 😛


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