#PSA @PerrierJouet

I’m sorry, I got confused…

It states #Jeroboam on the carton but on the link it states #DoubleMagnum.

I forgot about the double magnum so I assumed it was a #Jeroboam. I thought I had it wrong, but it does state #Jeroboam on the case. Guess I wasn’t wrong and this PSA was not necessary.

I didn’t want to look like a dumbass, calling the bottle a #Jeroboam when it was clearly a #doublemagnum. I guess it’s only a double magnum if it’s a wine.


IMG_7402For champagne, it’s a #Jeroboam. Also, my math was completely off. I was thinking 3 liters and assumed double that for how many bottles. It’s actually only four bottles of champagne in the #Jeroboam and not six. My math really sucks.

Here are some diagrams for ease.


know your shit.

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