New Job, New Clothes!!

Came to the H&M at 7th & Fig because I didn’t want to spend so much. I just needed a few outfits to help me get my week started.

I know she said business professional but that’s not the impression I got when I visited. I think she only wanted to emphasize “NO CLEAVAGE”. I remember she made a comment once and I was not trying to show my boobs. I’m sorry my boobs are so big that it’s in your face even when I try to dress conservative.

I even went to Zara after, no luck. Either it was way overpriced or not cute enough.

Although I found a pair of pump that I loved but were too big to purchase. Luckily, they were on sale online and they had my size! šŸ™‚


I only ended up walking out with three items. I guess you’ll have to see when I wear it out!

BTW, I hate business professional. Well, cheap business professional, that is. I wouldn’t mind Dolce & Gabbana suits all day and every day!