Stars Line Up pt. 2

I went to go see her again. The Korean Astrologist. Due to my bad memory, I couldn’t remember what she shared with me from the last visit but as I listened this time, it was all coming back to me.

This time around I paid an extra $40 and had Bear’s astrology/fortune explained to me.

It’s funny how she is so spot on about things. As I mentioned before, the information she provides is our fate. Our characteristics, behaviors and certain choices. Of course, the journey we take in our lives have everything to do with the road we which to take.

She didn’t remember me from the last visit and she seems to be giving me similar information. I didn’t disclose last time but I will in this post. She warned me about getting into a fatal car accident and I would be in danger of getting into a wreck having to deal with vehicles. She advised me to sell my motorcycle at the time and told me to be very cautious. I did end up selling my bike, for financial and safety reasons.

She also told me that this year will be a bad year for me and that I need to be mindful of the things I choose to do or not do. She told me to drive carefully, especially.

She also mentioned the lack of patience I had, she told me that I rush into decisions too quickly and that I need to take a moment to step back and evaluate before making a decision. She told me my character traits which seems to be spot on.

She told me about Bear’s character trait that was also right on the money.

Remember, I only gave her my name, birthday, time I was born and my phone number. As for Bear, I only gave his birthday and time he was born. For all I know, she assumed he was Korean.

The point of this session was to see if I was on the right track, apparently Bear was destined to marry me and she even went as far as saying that he needed to get married last year (2014) or in 2015. 🙂

This lady only speaks Korean and even I needed my friend to help translate a lot of things so if you’re not Korean, I suggest you take a translator. If you’ll like her info, email me and I’ll send you her number.

Again, the best $100 I’ve ever spent!

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