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I actually went. I did my hour of cardio and did some pushups. I had to get a new pushup app because my current 100 pushup app was not syncing to my FB (which is super annoying).

The ones I’ve dled aren’t any better. It keeps connecting to my twitter accounts that I don’t even use. (I just have it to save the username).

Either way, I’m super sore. I barely did any ab workout as well but they are sore as hell!

I love keeping track of my workouts via Polarloop because it’s the most accurate out of all the trackers out there (Fitbit, Garmin). The HRM is best near the heart, the rest track it on the wrist. Not accurate AT ALL!

I just wish I had a vibrating alert on my Polarloop like the new Garmin so it’s more obvious when my device wants me to talk a walk or move around. šŸ™‚

I never take mine off and I never go on a trip without my charger. I’ve replace my Chanel J12 watch for this sucker.

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter




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