@ApexOneOfficial Premiere

A friend I met in the car industry from social media was in town for their movie premiere and invited me to watch the film at the Arc Light Theater in Hollywood. I was more than excited to attend and see the history of hyper cars!

I had work earlier in the day, so I finished work and met my friend and his business partner at the theater. We then went to the Hollywood Roosevelt where the after party was held. I saw Mr. Koenigsegg himself and a bunch of other auto people. It was such a cool experience and the film wasn’t bad either! 😉

Of course with my luck, my pantyhose starting running when my work day started. I even stopped by CVS to get clear nail polish but when I got back to the office to fix it, the damn bottle was empty. What fucking luck!

Mod Take Shift Dress
Gucci Boots
Yves Salomon Fox Fur Vest (1st photo)
Richard Tyler Couture Leather Trench (later photo)






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