Debt Free!

With my promotion beginning of the year and being able to consolidate my finances, I feel a sudden sense of relief! All my credit cards are paid off, thanks to the loan consolidation option and most of my bills are automatically debited from my cash rewards credit card. Some bills don’t allow you to pay with a credit card so it’s debiting from my bank account, but it’s okay.

Now I don’t have to worry about bills going out on random days of the month. It’s minimized to one credit card date and I have more money in my bank account than I’ve ever had before. 😛

The tax returns definitely helped a lot. I got around $4,500 back for 2015 and probably will be my last since I’ll have to file married for 2016.

I never knew how amazing this feeling would be. Knowing exactly where my money is going is benefiting my determination to save. I don’t want to go out and spend money because I’d rather have the extra $1,000/month to save for something bigger! (We’re suppose to be saving for a house, but I’m eyeing a new Chanel bag!)

I have the Chase Sapphire that Bear got me under his account. I use that to make personal purchases throughout the month to collect points. Dining out, drinking, nails, lashes, gas and everything else.

I really don’t like NOT having a limit since I will spend every dollar I have but a month has passed and I only spent about $350 in February. I pack food to work so I don’t need to spend money on lunch and I try not to go out so that diminishes too. I started to workout in the ams so by the time I’m off work, I’m too tired to go do anything fun. If I do want to go out to eat, I just take Bear with me so he can pay! Helps us spend more time together too, which he loves! He’s my sugar daddy. LOL 😀

I look forward to paying off the loan consolidation and having money in my savings. Also, Bear is turning 30 this year and my mom is turning 60 in January of 2017. I really need to save money to get them something amazing for their birthdays. (Great, now Bear will hold me to it.) 😛

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