Little Differences #ChanelMini

I borrowed Catalina’s Chanel mini for NY and this is where the difference lies.

When she let me borrow it, I picked it up from Brenda’s place. She had borrowed my white fox fur for a photoshoot so she had it in an Hermès shopping bag with the mini. 

Now here I am, with the mini shoved in my purse to give back to her. 

I don’t know why I didn’t put it in a little bag to it to her. I had it in my purse, cause #1, it fits, and #2 I still had my stuff in it. 

I’m embarrassed about not being classy in this moment.

With that said, I love the mini! I can’t live without it and I realized how amazing and convenient it’s been. I really hate lugging around a huge purse and the bigger it is, the more crap I put in. 


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