My visit to NY is NEVER long enough. I was able to take this trip all through points so not money out of my pocket was spent. 🙂

I arrived midnight on Thursday evening and the stupid pilot missed the runway due to weather. I had to sit in the plane for another 30 minutes. By the time I got to the city, it was already 1am. I changed quickly and met my friends (who were leaving Friday am back to LA) at the club. We went to Avenue (around 2am) and didn’t finish the night until about 5am. That’s what’s crazy about NY, so many hours in a day/night but once you go out, the rest of the day is shot. Although, we did wake up pretty early on Friday to run some errands. 🙂

Friday was a birthday celebration (mainly people watching). We got home early enough and the next day was productive as well. Saturday evening was chill (met a friend who moved from LA) and got back early after a slice of pizza but JL and I got stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy until late. I slept in until 2pm on Sunday. O.O

We got ready, headed to brunch and then went to an Easter party. We drank (it went down well) and I had to catch my flight.

I remember waking up on the plane and wondering how I even got there. I woke up startled and wondered where I was. A nano second later, I realized I was on my way back home. No pounds lost, super exhausted and worried about shooting the next day.

The trip was about 24 hours extended but still not long enough. I never want to leave when it’s time.

My plan is to go back for #MDW. Long weekend will allow me to go for longer!



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