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I am always the last one out of my friends to do something. I held off for so long because I was scare of the pain. My first visit was to a friend’s doctor who would do it at his home. He was gentle, cautious and caring. I’ve gotten botox from him twice so that was all I had know.

My third visit was to a place in Koreatown. I thought I was going in for a consult when they convinced me to get right then and there. The have deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays for $6.50/unit. It was a Saturday and they honored it. Viora MedSpa.

The doctor ordered 30 units for my forehead and crow’s feet, 40 units for my jaws and fillers for my lips. I only got 20 for my forehead since I’ve never done crow’s feet before AND I was too scared for my jaw. 40 units???? That’s another $260!! I was good!

I was appreciative of them for honoring the great deal for me! Although I missed Dr. Steve’s bedside manner, I couldn’t wait to see him at his home. Viora was aggressive and didn’t care about my pain. They numbed my forehead with an ice pack but when it got too cold, I wanted to take a break but they didn’t allow me. And when I wanted to ice it again between shots, they didn’t allow me. They didn’t even mark my face, not that I wanted to be marked up but what if they missed a spot? I just wanted used to Viora’s procedure. :/

Will I go back? Probably. 😛

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