Detox #DrSchulzes Intestinal Cleanse

HC went on this crazy cleanse last week while I was doing my half ass raw thing. I said I wanted to try to because I can’t imagine the crap that’s clogged in my intestines! No pun intended.

She brought/bought me a bottle near the office near her home and my plan is to start on Monday. Since we have our anniversary dinner on Sunday at Osteria Mozza!

Although I have the pill for and the one in the link below is a powder, (couldn’t find it on Amazon) I almost feel like the powder would be better. I have to take 10 pills five times a day! And the pills look like horse pills! Wish me luck and stay far far away from me and my attitude!

Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2 Powerful Intestinal Cleanse and Soothing Formula 8 Once Bulk Powder

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