“First we eat, then we do everything else.” MFK Fisher

A different perspective from my trip to Colorado… she’s a more thoughtful writer than I am!


My friend Violet and a snowstorm were in town last weekend, but despite the weather alerts we went downtown to explore and eat!

Being in Colorado has definitely made me appreciate quality time with family and friends in all kinds of ways.  For hundreds of thousands of years mankind’s way of social life was based around a shared meal, so that’s exactly what we did all weekend!  We tried to get a few steps in by playing in the snow at Horsetooth Mountain and walking around downtown Denver.  Below are some pictures from the weekend, but you can find all of our snaps and pictures on Violet’s blog!

We had breakfast at Lucile’s and Silver Grill.

Drove up to Horsetooth and passed Stout where the population is 47 and 1/2 (does anyone know what the 1/2 stands for??).

Spent an hour at Overland telling each other why we…

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