Obsessed #TomFord #Lips

I went over to Catalina’s home on Saturday and she showered me with a butt load of products. I took her glitters to take to my nail place (hopefully they can use it) and a bunch of lip colors (since I’m into color on my lips when I go out now). I also scored a black gel liner for my cat eyes look I want to try to attempt.

My most favorite find was the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color, and I apologize, I do not know what color but it’s in the reddish tone. It’s does not say on the pen. I wore it on Mother’s Day to the brunch and everyone complimented on how much makeup I was wearing. LOL Even though that may not be a good thing, I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I want to look like I do (sometimes). Well, at least look more dramatic at night versus day. The lip color stayed the whole time and even after washing up, which I was happy to wake up to colorful lips.

As I say over and over again, I’m not a makeup person so this is huge for me… to be ranting about something so girly as this.

Now that I’ve looked it up, it’s freaking expensive, but I’m going to say it’s worth it!

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color