Car Sick

My gf pulled out this thing out of her purse this past weekend because she felt sick in the car ride to Diamond Bar. I get it, it’s far from LA, especially on a Saturday, mid-day!

It smelled like Vicks IcyHot or Tiger Balm. It was actually a nice scent to inhale, it totally cleared my sinuses!

Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant

Thank You @CatalinalinaSu @KaiFragrance

This is probably the best welcome home gift ever!!!

This is my favorite scent in the whole wide world. So much more also because they offer everything I need to get ready for my day. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, candles, matches, diffuser and even linen wash!!!

Granted my scope of experience with this brand has not been all of it, however one day, this will be the only product I use in my home.

If you hear me, please produce hand soaps! Oh and large formats of the linen and hair products! I want a 33oz lump bottle of the Kai Shampoo and Conditioner lol.

Kai Home Reed Diffuser, One Size

YouTube Unboxing Video

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