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I recently woke up with a huge knot in my right shoulder. I first thought I slept wrong and that it would go away after a day. I had taken 9 advils, which did not work. I happen to be in Vegas so I didn’t even get to dance well that evening.

When the pain persisted through the week, I immediately went to see a chiro. He asked me if I had pinching in my neck or arm, treated and adjusted me. I was starting to feel better but the next day I woke up with a soreness still.

I did start to notice a pinch in my neck and throbbing in my arm. I called immediately and set up another appointment. This time around, he took an xray.

As you can see, the curvature in my neck is going the wrong way. This is all a progression over my life… I didn’t wake up one morning with the soreness, it was happening all this time. He asked that I come in for treatment to adjust my neck to the original curve and to help my body adjust to the best posture.

He recommended that I treat myself at home with a posutre pump which I can buy on eBay for much less.

Posture Pump – Disc Hydrator, Neck Model 1000



#Lit @OmniaLasVegas

​I love Vegas. In 2017, I’ve now gone… six times. Maybe seven. I tried counting my itineraries but I have flights I purchased in the future and got confused.

Basically since mid-March, I’ve gone almost every weekend and I love it.

Below is a stream of photos of one of the trips!

Gianvito Rossi Denim Heels (mine are knockoffs)
Chanel Mini (similar and mine are not knockoffs)

Cleaning Day @RubyStellaInc

I never take my jewely off but now that I’ve been getting a tan, I need to take it off. I realized it would be a great time to clean my jewelry too!

I love this cleaner because it’s quick and compact. It’s crazy to see the dirty water after it’s cleaned!

iSonic Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

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