What’s in my @_NadiaGabriella? And this isn’t dirty talk.

The last time I used this clutch was at Kelly & Matt’s wedding in Kansas. I left the contents that I didn’t imminently need so here I was cleaning it out tonight. Only handbag that will go with my outfit.

Tomorrow is my company’s holiday party. Excited and nervous. Never can do really well in a large group setting.

I’m not spending money because I can’t. Lol so all my “vintage” stuff came out. What is really considered vintage though. (I looked it up, older than 20 years.)

This clutch is definitely not vintage. It is however old and rarely used.

Contents and why:

  1. Matches – Dual purpose. If you can’t figure out, yo and poopie. I don’t like to in public but if I gotta go… I light a match. It even helps when I walk into a stall that stinks like poopie. Oh! It’s tri-purpose. Not sure if that makes sense because it’s never been used by me! Lol

  2. Mint (usually gum) – Always need freshness.

  3. Floss – It’s the worst feeling to have something stuck in my teeth.

The above are all that I always carry.

  1. Heel protectors – The wedding was on grass.


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Hardest Question of the Evening: Do I Want To Wash My Face?

Yes, I know I’m disgusting. Well more sad to be honest. Now I have to get used to doing something as an adult… which is so much harder. Way more harder than having a habit of washing up since when you were young. Now that I’m writing this post, maybe everyone but me washed their face with soap since they were able. Either way, it’s become a ritual.

It’s also sad because my skin never needed the upkeep before. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t wash my face thoroughly or because I’m just getting old.

Anyway, I think it sucks.

I was washing up for the night and as I was brushing my teeth, I decided I didn’t want to wash my face tonight. Then I remembered I needed to so I can apply this Argan oil that Catalina gave me to use. I just started using it cause my facial skin has gotten super dry and flaky. Yes, disgusting again.

I will say this, ny skin feels and looks better.

I’m not picky with my skincare and don’t vie for expensive stuff. I am sure it’s better, but I don’t think my skin has reached that level yet. You know, you own a nice car, you take it to the nice auto body shop. I’m a Ford Pinto so I can take it to the not so nice one.

So going back to why I hate washing my face. It’s such a chore and I hate that I didn’t have to wash my face still.

My gfs try to share their regimen and it’s interesting to hear. I’ve gotten exposed to some really amazing products. I’m never going to be a beauty blogger cause that’s not my thing, but I’m willing to share my rare experiences.

Link to my product post: I don’t know what I’m really doing.