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I totally forgot about leaving my gun lighter at home. I got it confiscated at the airport of course.

I got one right away on the plane.

Gun Torch Lighter

Got into Vegas Monday night at 11pm… staying for two days for Oppa’s set on Tuesday evening for Hudson.

Haven’t been to Vegas since June. I forgot how much I love Vegas!


It’s funny cause everyone thinks the B stands for Bear but I started using BV even before I met my husband. B stands for my Korean name which was my legal name up until I got my citizenship a couple of years ago.

I also started using it because my narcissistic ass wanted everyone to BE VIOLET, hence Be V; bV.

I love these earrings because I never have to take them off. I usually don’t take my jewelry off when I sleep except with earrings I had to cause the back would poke into my skin. These do not.


Had a work trip for a week in Miami with the most amazing view! We stayed at the W Hotel in South Beach overlooking the ocean.

This trip was so good in terms of productivity and team bonding. What an honor to have been able to join alongside my executives to do some research, meet clients and watch my CEO speak on The Real Deal panel!

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My favorite lighter was confiscated at LAX. I totally forgot to remove it from my purse before leaving the house.

Found a new one on Amazon!

Also got myself a Starbucks Cold Cup with Las Vegas on it! I contemplated while I was in line and when I got to the register (30 minutes later cause it was so crowded), I asked someone to grab it from the end of the line. 😛

My outfit is from F21:
Forever 21 Mesh Knit Crop Top & Mini Skirt Set Blue

This dress is from:


My opinion about this film is subjective so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I watched this because my husband and son wanted to… I didn’t really care for it and not because I don’t support Asians but because I would’ve been okay waiting for it to stream. We watched a matinée and I’m so glad we did because movies are expensive to begin with and I didn’t want to spend over $50 on tickets for the three of us.

The entire film I felt awkward and noticed myself cringing with the writing and acting. My favorite character was the gf with the short hair. She was freaking awesome, however the rest were whatever.

The storyline was plausible and I actually got teary-eyed at the end when the mother finally accepted the girl into the family. I felt satisfaction in this scene because I am familiar with the cultural difficulties that I’ve endured growing up. Korean parents like most Asian parents are super judgemental and non-accepting.

I tried to think about what made me cringe and feel so awkward but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt uncomfortable through the interactions of the characters and felt like they were over-emphasizing a lot of things. I get that it’s movie and things need to be exaggerated, however it didn’t seem realistic.

My co-worker pointed out that maybe I felt awkward because I was not used to seeing Asian dominant characters play these types of roles, but that wasn’t it either.

I’m not sure if these culturally ethnic centric films will ever be successful in the U.S. because racism still exists. Without racism, people are able to truly express the honesty of our daily happenings. With racism, people are scared to be completely candid with their writing, directing, whatever it may be because they may offend someone. If the screenplay depicts something that is true to one ethnic group, others watching the film may feel validated or confirmed about their beliefs about one another. Our mindset has to be changed for everyone to access equilibrium. If we’re not thinking about us being so different from the rest, a film will just be a film. But I think we have at least a century to overcome that.


I have never been to the UK. One thing on my bucket list was to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix but scheduling and $$$ was a factor. As a substitue, we ended up getting tickets to the Grand Prix in Silverstone, UK. We used the Fourth of July holiday to take the vacation while I was working and Bear was transitioning from his old job to his new one.

We stayed in Shepard’s Bush and went to Paris for a day. It was an exciting time since the UK had made it to the top something for World Cup. We got to experience London and Paris during the last final games of the World Cup. The energy was UNREAL.

The best part of the trip was the F1 race of course. My future ex-husband Lewis Hamilton did not win the race in his home country but he made it to 2nd on the podium after a bump right after takeoff.

I can’t wait to go to all the F1 races in the future!!!

As for London, I’m okay with never coming back. It was just another version of New York with mediocre food.

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My gf JL and her bf JH came in from NY for this event so I got to enjoy a staycation on their behalf at The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel. The hotel was bustling with wedding guests, locals, event goers and other visitors. I couldn’t believe how crowded and busy the hotel was! They ended up getting a suite with a wraparound balcony so we enjoyed the beach view the entire weekend.

Thanks again friends!

The weekend was chill, I picked them up from the airport early Saturday am (Friday evening) at 1am and headed to OC. We slept in and got ready for #anjunabeach. We got out early and passed out before 11pm. Sunday we packed, had lunch and dropped them off at the airport. It was a short weekend but amazing since I got to spend time with JL.

Due to my love for MZ Wallace, she recently go the backpack too, but in matte black.

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack