@MissionClubNYC #Round2

JL and I went to Mission on my first night here and we had fun… after going to CT, Heather wanted to check it out with her friends so we went again! You know I can’t resist a night out at a club!

Mission is the old Circle. Korean club but not in Koreatown anymore. It was packed and super fun! The theme was Christmas in July and that is why the decor is out of season. LOL 😛

Greenwich, CT

My dear friend Catalina happened to be in the city too. Her friend, now turned my friend Heather lives in Greenwich with her family so we took the Metro North for $10 from Grand Central Terminal with Tyler and stayed with them.

I have never seen a house so beautiful. We went out to dinner in Long Island and met other friends. Had many laughs over drinks and food. 🙂

@WaldorfBevHills #HBD @LauraYThompson

I had been dying to check out Waldorf and finally we had the opportunity. Though the original crew BWD (Babes Who Dine) weren’t available, we made the best of it!

Happy Birthday Laura! We spent the evening drinking and eating and catching up on life. It’s really nice to get together for a celebration because we get so caught up with work and our personal life that it’s hard to find time to meet with different friends.

The hotel was beautiful. I did feel a bit out-of-place (like I usually do) in a new spot, but even more so here because Waldorf is so fancy. I mean, valet is $50.

Would I go back? For sure… I’d love to check out brunch.


Manolo Blahnik Camo (similar)
Theory Black Fox Coat (similar)
Hermes CDC Bracelet
Gucci Tiger Belt (on AD)
Gucci Clutch (on IM)
Manolo Blahnik Tres Velvet Ankle-Wrap Sandal (on IM)
Gucci Phone Case (Bday Gift to LYT)

@JPLKatzenberger #Farewell

Our office admins did such a great job decorating the office with balloons and such on her last day. She leaves for maternity leave for 3 months… 🙁

We also celebrated her birthday with the BWD crew (Babes Who Dine)…

We got her a gift card for a mani and pedi and Large Hoop Earrings that she’s been wanting.

My outfit:

Jeweled Manolos
UNIQLO Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans, Gray, 27 in.Gray Denim

#HiteJinroCarnival @DanAKADan @KeroOne

Went out last minute to a Halloween party for Privy last Friday. It was obviously a costume party but I had no costume. I did my best… I put on my Ultra Violet Bella Freud sweater, Violet boots, booty shorts, fur and said I was a superhero.

Technically I am. 😛

Balenciaga Boots (KnockOff – Steve Madden) | Bella Freud Sweater | Chanel Mini | Theory Fur

Back to Vegas @Catalinalinasu

Girl’s road trip to Vegas while JL visited from NY and JR from Macau! We had the time of our lives… arrive Friday afternoon after stopping by In N Out and Krispy KremeP. We stayed at the Cosmo and went out to Omnia that evening. We then went to Drai’s and stayed out until 5am. Woke up around noon to head out after pho of course.

Probably one of the best Friday nights ever!

Manolo Pumps | Dress | Swarovski Plate Frame | Kai | Chanel Chance



@TheCircleNYC #LDW

A trip to NY isn’t completed without a visit to The Circle NYC club in Koreatown.

I know, it’s so retarded that I still go k-clubbing but how can I not? I am KOREAN! 😛

We celebrated the night with JL and her bf and his friends. I almost hate NY in the summer because it’s so goddamn hot and thank GOD I had my hanky cause I needed to wipe my face, constantly. I don’t know how other girls do it with all the makeup on their face… I die!


All Tied Up Plunging Lace-Up Bodysuit BLACK
Faux Leather Shorts (similar)
Manolo Blahnik Neon Orange Pumps (similar)
















@JoannaPark and I Take On @DinerenBlancLA, ALONE! (Good thing we work out)

What an eventful evening with so many other residents of Los Angeles!

The beginning was a bit hectic and intolerable but after a few glasses of champagne, we completely forgot about the horrific transpiration situation hours before!

I just wish our group leader (bus from BH) was a bit more organized because we arrived late and missed the whole napkin spin and other stuff.

Jo and I lugged one square table, two white foldable chairs, 1 cooler, 1 stick of bread, huge bag with stuff and ourselves all the way from Beverly Hills to the secret location.

Two years ago, it was on Rodeo Blvd., which we missed and was a way better location that Pershing Square. But I would like to say that LA is prolly really strict so blocking streets were not acceptable this year. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I mean, Pershing Square is an open park where you can go and have a meal any time you want. So due to that reason, the location sucked, no novelty factor at all!

Jo and I were sweating and disgusting throughout the whole process. It was such a warm night and I couldn’t believe the amount of perspiration that I was oozing…

Luckily we had a hand cart and we were able to roll everything. I saw a few familiar faces and wanted to meet new friends, but it seemed like everyone was very cliquey and not engaging with people outside of their group. Note to self: come with a lot of friend next time.

We registered late so we barely had time to prep let alone get people sponsored and wait for a response from the Diner en Blanc team.

Even though the tranSportation part was a bitch, we forgot about it all by the end of our first bottle the night and we danced the night away! It was too much fun… I can’t wait to do it again AND I know how to prepare myself next time. 🙂