Nothing beats getting a scrub from the Korean ajumas. Jo and I got the Caribbean wrap, scrub and massage on Wednesday night. We could have done without the wrap. I only have a photo because as the ajuma was wrapping me, I made a comment about how funny it would be to have a photo of me wrapped. She offered to take a photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was thinking about the job that the ajuma had. Aside from the disgusting aspect, the fact that she gets to chill in a bra and underwear all day, I’d totally take this job. If I were a non-English speaking Korean lady in Koreatown that is. If my other choices would be to be a cook at a #ktown restuarant or Korean market cashier, that is. I love chilling in my underwear at home. AND, she had flat abs and great arms. It could have been genetics but for an ajuma, she was working it!

Another funny thought at the spa was that it is so obvious who the non-English speaking women were and who the Americanized Korean women were. Most of them have never heard of trimming the hedges. It’s crazy how wild it looks! ๐Ÿ˜›

We ended the night at Mr. Bossam… but didn’t have the bossam, it was a waste of a trip to Mr. Bossam. I’ll have to try the bossam next time.

And if you’ve never gotten scrubbed before… please go. It’s fascinating how much dead skin they’re able to rub off of you. Bear wants to go but I told him it would be too painful for him because he has too much hair, everywhere.

#GirlsNightOut # PreuxandProper #DTLA

We started with the punch bowl and then headed to The Continental Club.

We were having a great night until the rude loserย bartender at #ContinentalClub gave me attitude when I asked for more ice in my vodka on the rocks. I’m sorry you guys serve two ice cubes with on the rocks drinks and my vodka was room temperature. I just wanted more ice and a few more limes. Is that too hard? He lied about their lime concentrate and said they were freshly squeezed when I asked. He then grabs a handfull of lime with his grubby hands and puts his hands out with his fist facing the bar top as if I would reach out my hand to receive it. Um, fucking get a napkin and place it on there OR put it in a cup.

So I just waited a minute. Literally, a minute. He still just stood there, he obviously hated his job. I grabbed a napkin and placed it under his hand on the bar top. He opened his hands and the limes fell on the napkin and a bit everywhere and he walked away.

I immediately asked for his name from the kind bartender that was helping us previously. I would have asked him but he was busy and his the overgrown body and disgusting facial hair was just standing there.

Dear Continental Club,

I get that I’m just a measily singular person who loves your club, but to have such bad service on a slow night? That’s just undeserving. Please talk to your guy. His name is Eric or however he spells it.



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @JoannaPark @SoulCycle

This was the best idea ever! Birthday workout and brunch followed by lots of drinking and more eating!

Although we stuffed ourselves, I didn’t feel so guilty because we burned 600 calories in the am.

Soul Cycle was amazing and I was anticipating my crotch hurting even prior to that. Of course I was in pain, halfway through the class. The faster I peddled, the more it hurt. I still managed to burn a shit ton of calories.

My crotch still hurts today. No joke.




We also saw Bobby Flay leaving the class right before ours. ๐Ÿ™‚





One of us passed out due to all the drinking!




IMG_0312ย We drank at the Village Idiot because we didn’t know that Blu Jam Cafe didn’t serve alcohol. We discovered a new way to drink a Bloody Mary! Vodka on the rocks with a splash of Bloody Mary mix and lime. ๐Ÿ˜›


Our second meal was noodles, of course. We are Korean!

IMG_0331Also, the only thing I didn’t enjoy was being in my sweaty workout clothes all day. ๐Ÿ™


#HBD @BrendaKovar!!!! @MastrosOfficial

Birthday celebration started on the second floor of Mastro’s!

We didn’t celebrate at the Penthouse this time around and they didn’t have the #Tomahawk either.

It was different, it was nice and beautiful and super intimate.

Happy birthday Brenda, cheers to your 33rd and many successes along the way!!










We then went to Shrine Karaoke in #Ktown after dinner. Btw, their sound system sucks!

Repost from Brenda.


#SpaDay @Airebanosarabes

Why aren’t there bath houses like this in Los Angeles. Korean spas suck!

This place was heavenly! The bath house was co-ed and decked out in marble. Several different temperature tubs, steam rooms and the best massage I’ve ever gotten. No, really, I’m serious. By far the most amazing massage I’ve ever gotten, from a man named Raymond. It was 30 minutes long but it felt like eternity and I didn’t want him to stop.

This is a must do when in New York.