No More Ziploc!

My ghetto ass has been using a ziploc bag to carry all the junk that I don’t really need but may need in my purse. When that moment came to pull it out in public and I was embarrassed, I decided the ziploc was not the way to go. I purchased this clear bag for my purse for all the crap. It really helps me locate things and keep it all together in one place. As oppose to having it all over my purse and when I brake really hard, everything goes flying. 😛 Now I kind of want a bigger version for my gym bag, since I use a gallon sized ziploc for my shower scrub, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Clear Waterproof Travel Bag


I’ve really started! #budgeting 

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to teach how to budget. I’m just sharing my experiences. 

With that said, it’s been two months and I am not doing well. 

Well, way better than before and still above water but I could be doing better. 

The hardest part is, I can’t really go places. I have a little less than $800 to spend in a month with everything covered. Including $ towards savings. I can’t even enjoy Troy because his tank is $60+ to fill up. (My mom insists that I drive the car when she doesn’t since I’m just paying it and no one is enjoying it.) Which I sure did and still do. I ended up buying a $750 camera on a whim after the shoot a week ago and I love it and I wish I wish I wish it gives me the push to make more videos! 

It’s the habit of spending I can’t break. Everything is automatic in my accounts and still I check it daily. Sometimes more than twice a day. Either I need to be more busy or I have an addiction. 

I was suppose to stay in for the month of March but things came up and I had some extra money. This is the month. April, I’m not doing anything. Questions will receive a no, assuming it’s to hang out. Started today. I also started my raw detox. And no, I won’t go to May 4th, I’m four days in but idc.

Also had an idea to update #BOB. 

My blog was scattered. I could do this and #pigletventures but others will have to be a hashtag. 

You all rmemeber #BOB (bitch on budget).

I couldn’t get myself to constantly post because the bitch bothered me. 

I can’t say what the idea is because I need to not spend money on the domain. So I shall wait. 

I am not to spend any money this month. Detox, no social anything, home!


#EvenExchange #JBrand


I had to return Bear’s pants from J. Brand Factory Outlet, but the other washes for a looser fit was not cute.

SO! I just got another pair of shorts! 😛

J Brand Factory Outlet

1225 E Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90021

(It was an even exchange!)


#Short다리 #DW

Repeating outfits is not a crime.


I love my monotone outfits that I can re-wear over and over.

I don’t care what anyone thinks.

It’s washed and I shower, that’s all that matters.

American Apparel Tank
F21 Faux Leather Shorts Gladiators

IMG_9732 IMG_9730


I’m not sure which direction I want to go in my life. Blog wise.

I was watching last week’s episode of #RKOBH where Morgan basically gets a reality check from Seoulcialite.

What’s your focus? What are you writing about? Who is your audience?

She ends up calling him names after that of course… we can’t have a gay Asian man make an American feel unworthy now, can we? 😉

That got me thinking, what is the point of my blog.

At first I started to connect my friends from NOVA to me. Before Facebook and Xanga.

Halfway through I wanted it as a tool for when I eventually write a book. (Who knows when that will happen).

More recently, I wanted to use it to share information, knowledge… all that stuff.

I also have, a separate food blog. I noticed my personal blog was getting flooded with food posts so I decided to divorce them in April 2011.

I have two different audiences. Not all my followers on PIGLET follow me on this.

I then started another blog.

I wanted to use BOB with a co-contributor to rant about #firstworldproblems and living on a budget. (Even though we don’t know how to budget).

Becoming less rich than we were and learning to deal with needs and wants that surpass our financial capability.

It’s a mess. It’s tiring and I’m trying to figure it out.

I feel the need to focus on one identity. Do I move all my stuff to BOB? Do I post about being a BOB and just keep the domain for future?

How do I aggravate the audience? How can I bring all three aspects of my life into one?

This post is being written because I wanted to write about my finances and what I’m going to do to pay off all my credit cards, but didn’t know which blog to post it on.

Maybe I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Posting on BOB and then reblogging on my personal…

Any suggestions are helpful! Thank you!

Mismatch #DW #polish

I hate having uniform nails.

This keeps me from not changing polish every several days.

I just change it when it starts to come off.

Myself, not some Vietnamese lady.

Not going to a manicurist for over 8 years has become normal to me. Yes, my nails and cuticles can be cleaner but $30 every two weeks? No thanks. I’d rather spend it on drinks. 🙂