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Evengeline Skirt
Evengeline Skirt


Back to 40 Straight @Equinox #DoingJim

I used to do two 20 minutes sessions on the stairmaster. I decided to go for it, I mean, I used to freaking do an hour straight!

Depending on the Equinox, I’m either doing 40 minutes or 45 minutes.

I skipped doing Jim for a little over a week so I’m weak. 😛

#LAArtShow #LAAS2017 #DTLA

LA Art Show is always a great idea. One time out of the year where we get to experience and feel things we don’t typically see.

I love art, pop art especially. This year, there were so many amazing pieces that I wanted to take home with me. My favorite being the bear made of what looked like marbles. Little metallic balls joined to create a little teddy. Light as a feather too!

Our company hosts the VIP area and we get to go… what a fun night!

Travel Kit @KaiFragrance @HotToolsPro

Been traveling for work and I have my usual suspects with me…

I always do a face mask since I’m in my hotel room alone and watching a show.

Kai Body Butter
Travel Toiletry
Hot Tools Curler
pureGLO Brush
Face Mask

And of course my RUBYSTELLA jewelry.

Vintage Dior travel bag, can’t seem to throw it out. I just keep washing and washing it.


Work Event #VeraWang

My dearest JL lent me her beautiful Vera Wang tulle dress for my work event. It was a hit!

She shipped it all the way from NY and I accessorized it with my Judith Leiber belt.

I’m so obsessed with this outfit, I’d wear it every day.

There’s a few more events I want to wear this to… I’m going to have to borrow it a couple more times! 😛






New In! #PureGLO

I needed a dryer attached to a brush for my hair since after the coloring and damage I couldn’t maintain it anymore.

It even came with a mitt! I’ve used it a few times and it’s not what I expected but I like it better than using a blow dryer. Mainly because I don’t own a roll brush and I don’t know how to use a roll brush.

I need to figure out how to really use this. I was hoping to use it on wet hair so I can dry it but it doesn’t work that way. There isn’t air that comes out. I was a bit confused when it arrived, but I guess I should have just read it more carefully.

pureGLO Ionic Hair Straightening Brush