Monthly Duty #BlossumCup

Blossum Cup has been a saving grace in my life the last 1/2 a year? Maybe more? I do have tampons as an emergency + I now wear pantyliners and pads more than I did.

I think during the last cycle, I really graduated from the the whole placement thing. The first several months, I would leak and would have to wear a heavy pad just in case and it was a bloody mess.

Now I have the hang of it, I just need to make sure it is suctioned in my kitty and it’s secure.

Hope you enjoyed my #IGTV episode!


This is what I have next to me! What’s on your bedside table?

1. Crystal Chandalier Night Lamp (similar)

2. Pig Ceramic Containter
3. Panda Bookend
4. Doll from Japan
5. Penguin Doll
6. #DoingJim Hat (in my shop!)
7. Poop Emoji Coin Bank
8. Charger
9. Chef Andrew Zimmern Book
10. The Bitch In The House Book
11. Polar Loop 2 Crystal
12. Sour Candy
13. Hi-Chew Candy
14. Toffifay
15. Water Bottle
16. Clear Correct

Freezer #ShoeStretching

I read an article online about stretching leather shoes. This was the first method I decided to try because it seemed the easiest. I ate a lot last night (Thai food) so I was a bit swollen this am. The shoes still felt a bit tight. I think I’m going to try the blow dryer method tonight.

My colleague loaned me her shoe stretcher but it would fit in my tiny boots. 🙁

She gave me the stretcher and a spray which is supposed to help loosen the leather. If you want to try that way, here are the products:

Shoe Stretcher
Shoe Stretcher Spray

@HudsonJeans w/ @DJMK1200 #Vegas

I totally forgot about leaving my gun lighter at home. I got it confiscated at the airport of course.

I got one right away on the plane.

Gun Torch Lighter

Got into Vegas Monday night at 11pm… staying for two days for Oppa’s set on Tuesday evening for Hudson.

Haven’t been to Vegas since June. I forgot how much I love Vegas!