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My favorite lighter was confiscated at LAX. I totally forgot to remove it from my purse before leaving the house.

Found a new one on Amazon!

Also got myself a Starbucks Cold Cup with Las Vegas on it! I contemplated while I was in line and when I got to the register (30 minutes later cause it was so crowded), I asked someone to grab it from the end of the line. 😛

My outfit is from F21:
Forever 21 Mesh Knit Crop Top & Mini Skirt Set Blue

This dress is from:

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This is an old post because I haven’t been to the gym. I have gone 75 times but have 100 more to go. It’s not September and that means I have to go 25 times a month.

I somehow convinced my husband to decrease the total amount to 150. I now have to go 75 more times. It’s the middle of September. Wish me luck!!!

What changed? Well, I just don’t want to wake up super early for no reason anymore. Getting to the office at 7am was great when I was super busy but my workload has decreased and I find myself finishing my day’s work too early. I can leave at 3pm however I feel bad when everyone is still hanging around.

Next week is a new week and my co-worker is signing up for Equinox. We plan on going to cycling together on Mondays and Tuesdays after work so I have no excuse.

I can go to the gym by 7am but it’s still too crowded for me. I like working out with senior citizens.

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Did you ever go to Vanguard? Because I went recently for an event and it brought back so many memories. I didn’t go much because the promoter was Visionshock and I liked House of Glam parties… the outdoor patio was redone and so pretty.


My opinion about this film is subjective so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I watched this because my husband and son wanted to… I didn’t really care for it and not because I don’t support Asians but because I would’ve been okay waiting for it to stream. We watched a matinée and I’m so glad we did because movies are expensive to begin with and I didn’t want to spend over $50 on tickets for the three of us.

The entire film I felt awkward and noticed myself cringing with the writing and acting. My favorite character was the gf with the short hair. She was freaking awesome, however the rest were whatever.

The storyline was plausible and I actually got teary-eyed at the end when the mother finally accepted the girl into the family. I felt satisfaction in this scene because I am familiar with the cultural difficulties that I’ve endured growing up. Korean parents like most Asian parents are super judgemental and non-accepting.

I tried to think about what made me cringe and feel so awkward but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt uncomfortable through the interactions of the characters and felt like they were over-emphasizing a lot of things. I get that it’s movie and things need to be exaggerated, however it didn’t seem realistic.

My co-worker pointed out that maybe I felt awkward because I was not used to seeing Asian dominant characters play these types of roles, but that wasn’t it either.

I’m not sure if these culturally ethnic centric films will ever be successful in the U.S. because racism still exists. Without racism, people are able to truly express the honesty of our daily happenings. With racism, people are scared to be completely candid with their writing, directing, whatever it may be because they may offend someone. If the screenplay depicts something that is true to one ethnic group, others watching the film may feel validated or confirmed about their beliefs about one another. Our mindset has to be changed for everyone to access equilibrium. If we’re not thinking about us being so different from the rest, a film will just be a film. But I think we have at least a century to overcome that.

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Reading two books right now: Redeeming Love & Woman Code
Birthday gift from Catalina: Kai Rose Perfume

Redeeming Love
WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source
Kai Fragrance Rose Perfume

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I love my new laptop case! I offered Bear my camp laptop bag because he has more use for it than I…

This is perfect for my small laptop + legal notepad and other stuff!

MZ Wallace 15″ Laptop Case

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