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This is an old post because I haven’t been to the gym. I have gone 75 times but have 100 more to go. It’s not September and that means I have to go 25 times a month.

I somehow convinced my husband to decrease the total amount to 150. I now have to go 75 more times. It’s the middle of September. Wish me luck!!!

What changed? Well, I just don’t want to wake up super early for no reason anymore. Getting to the office at 7am was great when I was super busy but my workload has decreased and I find myself finishing my day’s work too early. I can leave at 3pm however I feel bad when everyone is still hanging around.

Next week is a new week and my co-worker is signing up for Equinox. We plan on going to cycling together on Mondays and Tuesdays after work so I have no excuse.

I can go to the gym by 7am but it’s still too crowded for me. I like working out with senior citizens.


So I’ve gone to the gym now 65 times and have to make it to 175. Which means I have to go 18 times a month starting now. I took a break for the month of May and almost the rest (probably the rest) of this month.

It’s not looking so great at the speed I’m going. I WAS doing well however we moved to LA and now my commute is so short that I don’t want to get to the gym at 5am and nor do I want to go work out when the gym is crowded with people.

I’m really in a dilemma.

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