#DoingJim @MansionFitness

Β I woke up 109 so I had to go see my personal trainer. Even though I was so tired and I had to go to work after, I knew I couldn’t be lazy. I got an email about filling in at the sales office today because the girl scheduled got sick and I would have cancelled with Brent but I did that two weeks before and he would charge me a session if I didn’t cancel 24 hours in advance. πŸ™

At least I made it in after!

Today was hard because Jo didn’t join me. Working out is always easier when a friend is with you, enduring all the pain as well.

Baldwin KC Hat
5SP Shirt
Lululemon Camo Pants
Nike (similar)





Shake it up! #MustHave @BlenderBottle @OldSchoolLabs

AM drink before I run off toΒ do Jim. Used the #BlenderBottle to help shake things up!

I’m not used to taking supplements so I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I wasn’t disgusted about the taste and the amount needed to take. (Unless I measured the water wrong).

I will say this, I tooted all morning. I’m not sure if it was due to the L-Glutamine
, but after I got back from #DoingJim, I was tooting all over the place. All morning while I was home but thankfully, not when I got to the office. πŸ˜›

Is L-Glutamine
suppose to make you tooty?



I’ve been really good with my diet.

I haven’t seen my trainer since before the holidays and I was able to maintain even without working out. I can’t wait to see the results with incorporating #doingjim!

I saw him this past Sunday and he measured my fat again. I lost 2cm in my belly, my arms and thighs remained the same. My body fat percentage was 15.something %. Which I couldn’t believe, but what am I going to do, argue with a professional?


Eating healthy is the best, it really makes a difference and now I don’t do carbs. O.O

I need to look good in my #honeymoon AND Vegas for my #bachelorette party!

#MUSTDO #Fitness #Supplements

My trainer is putting me on a really strict diet and workout plan for 2015. I have my bachelorette party coming up in April and I told him that I wanted abs. This is what he told me to get for supplements. I wonder how much of this is really necessary.

I guess I can fuck around and see if I really need it or not by NOT getting it but I have three months for abs and I don’t really have the time to ‘fuck around.’ He talks (or actually writes emails), and I listen! πŸ˜›

Jo and I will be making sure we look AMAZING for #Vegas!

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