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On Repeat… Every Evening & Every AM

Bad habit. I haven’t woken up to do Jim in so long. So every night I pack my clothes for the next day in my gym bag. Every morning I take my day clothes out for the work day and put my gym clothes in my bag to go to the jim after work. Every evening I bring my gym bag back up to my room and take out the gym clothes I didn’t wear back out and pack the next day’s clothes.

On Repeat.

Natasha Fur Bag

#MUSTHAVE @MZWallace X @Equinox

I purchased the limited edition Equinox collaboration tote from MZ Wallace, but I had the black previously which I sold. I love their bags and love this colorway. I’m not sure if you can get the Equinox ones anywhere else but at Equinox but they have so many options and are constantly coming out with more. I want one of each metro style and color, it’s crazy! I really want the backpack too!

MZ Wallace Metro Tote

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

#doingJim @Equinox

I’ve really started to get in the hang of things, well the getting up and driving to the gym at 5am part. Not the stamina part. I am exhausted on the stairmaster in the ams and it may be the fact that I am so tired. I need to start going to bed earlier.

Right now, I go to bed anywhere around 10:45pm-11:15pm. It’s too late. So technically, I’m getting about 5-5.5 hours of sleep. This is when I start to think that I wish we never got rid of that twin bed for Tyler. I would totally sleep in another room or have Bear sleep elsewhere. He deters me from living my fitness filled life. Though he agrees to turn the tv off in the evenings, he always has to have a sour face about it and then be on his phone, and that screen in a pitch dark room is annoying. He has and never will wake up with me in the ams, which I find annoying too. I get it. He’s not that type of person but only because he has class in the evenings until 9:40pm? Well, to me that lazy and I hope that changes once he’s done. There are a lot of things I’m waiting to see in him once he graduates… and trust me, he knows.

So until then, I will wake up alone in the dark always, and do my own thing, he needs to catch up.

ο»Ώ#DoingJim #Equinox #DTLA

JL gave me her bridesmaid’s sandals from when she was one not too long ago in Mexico. I borrowed it when I went to #doJim in NY and kind of loved the idea of having really cute shower slippers in the locker room. I felt fancy and she offered them to me so #duh, I took it.

I love seeing my cute little tootsies at Equinox and I’m sure people are wondering why they didn’t think to get cute ones before!πŸ˜›

Not only do they envy my bag, they now envy my slippers!

Thanks JL!! I love you~

mel Dreamed by melissa Women’s Honey IV Flip Flop

#DoingJim @Equinox #HuntingtonBeach

Do you know what’s better than having an Equinox membership? Being able to go to a new Equinox with an ocean view! I was so impressed by the Huntington Beach club. We came in on a Saturday (thank God since it was empty) and enjoyed our workout with the view of the sandy beach. I never imagined myself to live in Huntington Beach until I got to Equinox. Anything new is great but the way Equinox does it… it’s stupendous. Their brand standards are one to go by. I am super impressed by their ability to grow and keep up with the trend and lifestyle. It’s too bad my husband doesn’t work there anymore, but at the same time it’s not like I got any perks.πŸ˜›








Quarterly Crisis

It came late this quarter. 

I deleted my FB which means bye bye Violetcrimes Facebook page. Yes, I changed it recently. I’m in the process of figuring out how I’m going to transfer my wordpress blog to my new domain while navigating the readers (yoo-hoo? Anyone there?) from my 

So this is how it started. I woke up with Bear tapping my thigh. I woke up abruptly on my back (which I never ever sleep that way), mid snore. I started feeling sick yesterday and I didn’t feel better this am.

I went back to sleep for the next couple of hours and woke up as Bear left for work. Weird thing is, I was aware of my sleeping at that. Every little snort (I don’t know how long I’ve been doing it) woke me up. I even think at one point, Bear grabbed his pillow and cover his ears under it! Sowee! 

I got ready for the office. Went on the scale (since last Wednesday) before putting on my #ootd, and I weighed in at 119.doesntmatter. Tried to take a photo but I need a new battery in the scale. Reads Lo immediately. 

I couldn’t find anything to wear. I squeezed into my white “too tight” jeans, long shirt because I hate wearing butt floss and sneakers. Hair tied up, grabbed a pair of heels just incase and left the house. I even grabbed my Jim bag. 18 days until the wedding in Kansas and today was the first. Do Jim for 17 days, eat healthy, buy always eat good breakfast! 

I even stopped by Starbucks, long line at the drivethru but nothing that deterred me before. But I decided to park and walk in. When I got to the office, I got settled and went through my emails. 

NOT EVEN an hour later! I get up to grab something from the printer and my back feels like it’s going to snap. I don’t even know if I’m describing my pain correctly. It feels dull, but maybe sharp? It’s a general area… Lower right, hurts more when I’m standing or waking. Sitting is good, I can’t turn normally. I’m a little bit slower. I can’t stand straight. 

That didn’t start to worry me until later. I just felt down and unworthy. Why do we just work and we all die. Why do we do the things we do? 

I recently realized my hobby was to document my #pigletventures with my family and share it; hobbies are a great thing! I tried to justify it and question myself for doing it. I felt like I wanted more out of life. I want to learn numbers. I don’t want to limit myself from being able to be more successful at my workplace. I don’t ever want my superior to think they can’t come to me with anything. I need more. 

As the day went on, my back was getting worse. Everytime I had to twinkle, the journey was painful. Ibuprofen didn’t help at all! 

I got a lot done and the day was over. I felt disconnected. So I deactivated my Facebook. 

I don’t know how long my quarterly crisis is going to last but I’m out. 

#DOingJim @Equinox

Twice this week and I’m proud. I realized, coming in early will allow me to leave early but still not early enough to avoid traffic. What it actually does is, it makes me spend more money because I’m meeting friends for sips and eats. Not OKAY, especially since I’m on a goddamn budget. (BTW, I have totally been going over my budget, every month for the past 3 months. Basically the whole time I’ve been doing this budgeting thing.)

Anyway, I did my cardio, in my new #BeyondYoga pants and did some abs. I ALWAYS ALWAYS go into the steam room now. I just wish I was able to take my phone with me!πŸ˜›

Spacedye Circle Cut-Out Capri LeggingΒ (same pants, different color)







#DoingJim @Equinox

Two weeks ago, I went to the gym. All last week, I didn’t go. So far this week, I went Monday, not Tuesday (yet), but hopefully I will the rest of the week. My sleeping has been off, so IDK how I really feel about waking up at 4:30am. The hardest part about it is that I wake up when the sun is not up. I hate doing things while everyone else is sleeping. I get scared in the dark so I end up leaving the kitchen light on and my mom and Bear always ask why. I told them I was scared and they laughed.