So I’ve gone to the gym now 65 times and have to make it to 175. Which means I have to go 18 times a month starting now. I took a break for the month of May and almost the rest (probably the rest) of this month.

It’s not looking so great at the speed I’m going. I WAS doing well however we moved to LA and now my commute is so short that I don’t want to get to the gym at 5am and nor do I want to go work out when the gym is crowded with people.

I’m really in a dilemma.

#ILOVEYOU @Equinox #doingjim

I love the Beverly Hills location mostly for their showers. Oh and the proximity to the office of course, but that’s not really equitable.

Out of all the Equinoxes I’ve experienced, the BH location has the largest showers. The time that I go only attracts senior citizens so I’m so good with that. I’m so particular that I started to wake up even earlier than when I first started so I can park right in front. I don’t like parking in the garage because it’s hassle. I go early enough where the street parking laws aren’t enforced. I like to go from door to door essentially.

The staff is wonderful in the mornings, Shayma is great. I now have gone too many times that she knows me by my name which I like. It’s always nice to be greeted with my name.

The locker rooms are spacious, however there aren’t any tall lockers like Newport and Westwood (only two I can think of that has it, oh and maybe a NY location). Westwood has a sitting area, and the locker room is MUCH larger, but the showers are tiny like Newport and Huntington.

I remember when I first joined Equinox in 2009/2010 ish. I remember times in my life by the boyfriends I’ve had or what job I was working. I was riding my GSXR600 to Irvine for work and decided to get a membership in Newport. I first went to Sports Club in Irvine, but it was too expensive for me at the time, so I opted for the $135/month trap with Equinox. I’ve been a member ever since and couple years after joining, I upped my membership to All Access, still no access to Century City and more recently the Sports Club takeovers.

Now I pay… well just up until last month, I paid $208. They’ve increased $5 every year. I just recently got a letter in the mail and they are upping my dues $10. So now I’ll be paying $218 for April and until they decide to raise the price again.

Nonetheless, I fucking love Equinox.

Why I Love @Equinox #EQXCycling

My workload at the office has increased substantially. My trips to Vegas has decreased immensely. I started spinning after work to avoid traffic and hoping that this is the year I really get to produce some sort of abs.

Basically, I just want to spend more me time right now than spend time going out and eating and drinking.

Spinning has always been a love of mine, so much that after one class I bought shoes, many many years ago. I started at the Newport location, my home gym and then went to South Bay.

Now with the new classes and bikes, the visual stimulation is really addicting.

I’m still working on winning that bet with Bear so if I go to the gym twice a day, it still counts as two so I’m working on my 175 times a year much quicker. Since I tend to teeter off towards the end of the year…

I didn’t realize this years ago because my love for Vegas was nonexistent but now, I love spinning because it’s just like a Vegas nightclub. It’s dark and the music is bumping. Expect, I’m not dancing and drinking alcohol, I’m doing cardio and chugging water which is the best for me anyway! If I can’t be in Vegas, I’d rather be in spin… omg I think I made a new quote.

Also, I just discovered this #soulcycle teacher who freakin has confetti and sparklers in her class. I’m signing up stat!

#DoingJim @equinox

Getting it. I’m doing two a day on Mondays and Tuesdays, and as many as I can. However when the week gets later, I get lazy to go in the am cause I’ve already knocked out 4 workouts by Tuesday night. My goal is to go 6 days a week which I accomplished last week.

Monday – twice
Tuesday – twice
Wednesday – after work
Thursday – after work
Friday – NA
Saturday – NA
Sunday – NA

Maybe I should really spread it out lol.

This week Monday, I went twice. Tuesday I went once.

I’m writing this Tuesday and have it scheduled and this will post Friday so IDK when else I’ll go this week yet.


#RainyDay #doingJim @REDValentino @BrabusGermany

I kinda love when it rains so I can wear my amazing raincoat. I actually wonder why more brands don’t design it. It’s super functional. It keeps me warm because there’s no ventilation and it keeps me dry. Did you not see that Chanel purse rain cover coat thingy. LOL

I mean there are a bunch: Amazon, Shopbop
Red Valentino Raincoat OR Red Valentino Raincoat
Brabus Umbrella (thanks to @Brabus9)

Daily Intake @Equinox @PentaWater @MrsRenfros @LaCroixWater

Penta Water, Mrs. Renfros Ghost Pepper Salsa, La Croix Coconut

I remember when Penta first came out. It supposed to hydrate you like no other. I got it for free at Equinox when they had their spring promotion thingy…

And you know my ghost pepper salsa, I can’t live without it.

New find, the coconut sparkling water. Tastes like creme soda.