Mother’s Day 2016

We celebrated locally at the banquet hall at a golf course in Downey. We gathered all our aunts and uncles, cousins and children for a brunch buffet. We arrived at 1pm, ate delicious foods and took lots of pictures, like what Asians do. πŸ˜›

Thank you AC for taking care of the brunch and putting it together! It was fun to hang out with family since the older we get, the more complicated our schedules get.

@JoannaPark and I LOVE To Eat!!! @DennysDiner

We stopped by a friend’s place and grabbed a drink and decided we would stop by Denny’s on the way home.

I must say, their food quality has gone to shit. I mean, their food has always been shitty but now it’s even shittier. I don’t know how that’s possible but it was.

Don’t order the sampler, it looks like a plate of leftovers.

The moons over my hammy, still a star. Probably the only thing we finished out of all the 5 dishes we ordered, JUST for the two of us. πŸ˜›


@LKSDDowney Sunday Funday

Jo came to help me clean out the closet at my mom’s house so we make room to move in.

After such hard work, we had to grab a drink. Lock and Key Social Drinkery it was. My favorite place south of the 10fwy.

Also, Bear’s doppelganger works there too. πŸ˜›

I can’t believe how similar they look. I noticed that the doppelganger had grown his hair out. Maybe now I will allow Bear to grow his hair since it didn’t look bad on the doppelganger. πŸ˜›



@McDonalds #TripleCheeseburger

I was extremely disappointed in the triple cheeseburger.

Not only did the McDonalds I always go to near my childhood home was completely gone but I had to go to the oldest one down the street with NO DRIVETHRU!

The cheeseburger was dry and not moist and delicious as the single or double.

I will either have to try it one more time asking that it be made fresh or never have it again.




She didn’t want anything fancy and she wanted something taken out. There’s not much in Downey so Bear picked up BJ’s. I was feeling under the weather so I slept as soon as we came over. They even ate without me.

Every year her birthday passes, I wish I could do so much more. The life she gave me as a child and early adulthood, I know I wouldn’t have been able to experience it all without her.

It’s crazy to think the amount of money that was earned by my parents and how little I knew about earning that for myself and how hard it would be.

Now with my new job and the opportunities to succeed, I want to be able to provide her with more than she has ever given me.

There’s a Korean saying “You never appreciate your parents until you have a child of your own.” It is true. Although when I first had Tyler, I was 21 (about to turn 22) and I had no idea the struggles of making a living.

She gave me a stress free life until I was 27. That’s a long time and yes, I took a while to grow up but I don’t think she knew how else to be, but to want to take care of me.

My mom is the strongest and most hopeful person I know. She is kind and generous and always right.

We talked about the life we had this past weekend and even how blind she was to the amount of money at their disposal. She told me how she wished she was smarter and invested instead of blowing millions over pride and ego during my parent’s divorce. Even with all the financial hardship, she still holds a strong belief in my success and ambition. She continues to support me and help me come to reality about earning my money.

I love you mom and even know I know you will never read my blog (she’s old school and not tech friendly), I want you to know how much I love you and everything I do, I do it for you (and Tyler).

Happy birthday mommy and I wish I can make you proud!



#MUSTDO #Fitness #Supplements

My trainer is putting me on a really strict diet and workout plan for 2015. I have my bachelorette party coming up in April and I told him that I wanted abs. This is what he told me to get for supplements. I wonder how much of this is really necessary.

I guess I can fuck around and see if I really need it or not by NOT getting it but I have three months for abs and I don’t really have the time to ‘fuck around.’ He talks (or actually writes emails), and I listen! πŸ˜›

Jo and I will be making sure we look AMAZING for #Vegas!

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