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That time of the month again, although I hate it when it ends up being twice a month. My budget doesn’t allow for that. I always go into wanting not to go glitter but when I get there, that’s all I want. There aren’t any other colors I imagine myself with. I used to do a solid color and the matching glitter. Now I do two glitter colors that compliment each other but not too matchy matchy. This time around I did a very beautiful lavender opaque and a silver glitter. My next appointment is on the 22nd, I already know what color I want to do! It’ll be a surprise!

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I love my nails. Always the same style. Two colors.

Right hand has all glitter except index finger.

Left hand has one color except index finger.

Each index finger has the opposite color/glitter.

This week’s glitter is silver and it’s the best ever! Super sparkly and shiny and so me.

I think I’m obsessed with this silver glitter, may have to do it for the next appointment too. 🙂IMG_6699




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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Get Mod, .5 fl oz

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, B Girl, .5 fl oz



Trying it for the first time now. I’ll give you an update in a few days.

I know gel is suppose to make it last a while before cracking or peeling but we shall see! 😛

Love the color, B Girl though~


I painted it at the event and it dries quickly and it looks good! No need for a top coat. Now just need to see how long it’ll last.




Best of the best! Only nail polish remover I’m able to use. I use glitter polish and we all know how bratty they are. They just never want to leave your nails! Well this polish is the only one over the counter that I found to work the best.

If you’re a #BOB #DIY girl like me and you keep the costs low by painting your own nails

SuperNail Pure Acetone



don’t depend on people to take care of shit, learn to do things yourself.


I’m not a girly girl and I’m not specific about a lot of products but I am about the ones I use very often in my life.

I don’t get my nails done because I think spending $30 or more on manicures are ridiculous.

I have polish and I have steady hands so I know I can give myself a great paint job. And even cut my own cuticles!

I only use one kind of acetone to remove polish. All others have been messy and this is by far the best product ever.

Just grab a few cotton balls or cotton pads and you’ll have your polish removed within a swipe.

Glitter will require a couple more swipes, or you can press on the nail with the glitter polish with the absorbed pad and it’ll come off right away.

SuperNail Pure AcetoneIMG_1706