Been obsessed with using a mask every other day (maybe every other other day). My gf JL always has a mask on when I facetime her on my way home and I decided I’d take care of my face more too. 😛

I ordered it from Amazon and it’s great! I’m not sure if I should keep it in the fridge since I know it’s better to keep makeup refrigerated.

I know this because my mom bought me a makeup fridge when I was in a senior in high school and I used it all the way into my first marriage. I wonder if people still use it? (brb googling it).

I had something like this before but in silver: CAIS KC-120S Cosmetic Fridge 9liter Makeup Mini Refrigerator, 220V

Now you can get something like this: MINI ZZANG MINI-04 Compact Cosmetics Refrigerator Cooler/Warmer Portable Fridge 4Liter Cute [Pink]

I almost want another one, even though I don’t even have enough makeup to fill it in. It’ll just be my masks but those can go in the fridge in the kitchen. 😛

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet, 16 Combo Pack

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The things I do to stay relevant.

I was supposed to pick up Tyler last Friday and went all the way to Santa Ana to meet closer to his dad’s home, only to get a call from Tyler’s dad saying that he has guests over and would like to keep Tyler for the weekend.

Gee thanks, couldn’t have said anything before I left to OC from DTLA Friday morning?

His stupid text read, “I’m on my way but I have guests coming over so can I keep him?”

What am I suppose to say? NO?

That’s not me, so I just replied, “Ok fine, have him facetime me”.

So he did of course.


Before we hung up~ So sad…