After I got back from Vegas I ended up meeting a friend in Hollywood… Bad decision because I’m still dying from sleep deprivation.

Did I have fun? Heck yea!






Thanks @Jane_P_Lok #Thanksgiving

We were warmly welcomed by my colleague, her husband and friends. I quickly remembered to grab a bottle of my favorite hot sauce before running out the door. Bear made a few dishes while I took a nap.

Growing up in a Korean household, we never really celebrated it the “American” way. We had Korean food and had a party, maybe once in a while, we ordered from Boston Market, but that was as close to Thanksgiving growing up.

This year, we did not go to Kansas, therefore we had nothing to do. Bear insisted on cooking a two person meal for us… boy did I get lucky when my colleague invited us.

At the get together, we had all the fixings and everything was very yummy. If it had been just us two celebrating, he would have cooked Cornish hens with sides.

Another year has come around and I have so much to be thankful for. The new friendships, opportunities and milestones that have occurred in the past year has made me super grateful for my life. Though there are parts that can be better, I will forever cherish each memory and look forward to the future!

@LadyDelilah_LA, I Love You. cc: @hwoodgroup

Ladies’ HH at Delilah WeHo. Love this place. Bathroom review coming soon!

They have a live 3-person show, although the singer can be a bit better… the music style is freaking amazing. I love standards so this establishment is just up my alley. Ambiance is great, food was delicious… however, it’s a bitch trying to get reservations and you can’t even get it to sit at the bar without one.

I need to make friends with the boys from H. Wood Group.

Help, anyone?

@Sunset_Tower Birthday Celebration

My colleague had her birthday several weeks ago and I got to visit the Sunset Tower Hotel for the first time! I loveeeedddd their bar, we had great drinks and apps until the birthday girl arrived. We ended up at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel, I didn’t stay late since I had an early am the next day.

I need to go back though…


End of Year Party @TiffanysonVine #USCMBA

The school year is over for most but for Bear and I, we are still working towards our degrees. Bear is in school for his MBA, I think he’s the smartest bf I’ve ever had. I am in school for my Bachelor’s Degree. B.S. Communications. I have two more quarters to go and Bear… well… he has 1.5 more years to go. Maybe even two, but I want to round down. The class that is graduating had a party, so everyone in the MBA program was invited. I had just touched down from Vegas and wasn’t in the mood to drink, but I was in the mood for some tacos, which they were serving. I people watched all night while I tried to get Bear to go talk and mingle. He refused. He didn’t want to leave me in the corner with my phone and shoving my face with tacos. Either he thinks someone will sweep me away or he thinks I can’t shoo them away myself. Either way, he stuck to me like glue and wouldn’t network. Well, not as much as he could. His buddies in his class came by and said hello.

I also saw Eugene Lee Yang from BuzzFeed. I was super excited to meet him (went up and introduced myself) and gave him my card asking if there was an opening. 😛 He was nice (or acted really nice) and friendly. Didn’t realize he was a producer… etc. So cool. And he’s Korean. 🙂





@LAFW Opening Night Event

Our company sponsored the LAFW this year and we stopped by to have a few drinks and show face. It’s was a circus. There were contortionists, clowns and queens.

The LAFW doesn’t gather a great group of designers, nobody anybody would recognize. It’s a bit disheartening. :/

@ApexOneOfficial Premiere

A friend I met in the car industry from social media was in town for their movie premiere and invited me to watch the film at the Arc Light Theater in Hollywood. I was more than excited to attend and see the history of hyper cars!

I had work earlier in the day, so I finished work and met my friend and his business partner at the theater. We then went to the Hollywood Roosevelt where the after party was held. I saw Mr. Koenigsegg himself and a bunch of other auto people. It was such a cool experience and the film wasn’t bad either! 😉

Of course with my luck, my pantyhose starting running when my work day started. I even stopped by CVS to get clear nail polish but when I got back to the office to fix it, the damn bottle was empty. What fucking luck!

Mod Take Shift Dress
Gucci Boots
Yves Salomon Fox Fur Vest (1st photo)
Richard Tyler Couture Leather Trench (later photo)






@HamburgerMaryss #Birthday

For JL’s birthday, we decided to go to Hamburger Mary’s for a drag show. At first it wasn’t fun at all, then we got drunk and they played awesome music and we had a blast. Although the drinks were ridiculously priced.

Will I be back? Possibly, but not on a Margarita Mary night. I wasn’t feeling the Latina flavor. Fun but not as entertaining.

After the drag show we rolled over to The Abbey, big mistake, we didn’t have fun there either. Too many disgusting sweaty boys and the stench was unbearable.

Our dinner prior to all of this was of course, JL’s favorite place, Ondal 2.








@MadameTussauds Visit #Tourists #LA

Bear’s little brother came to visit from Kansas and we took him the Hollywood Blvd. after dinner at In N Out. We parked at the Highland and Hollywood garage and walked west past the Chinese Mann Theater. There wasn’t much to do so I suggested the wax museum. I’ve never been and have wanted to go so I thought it would be the perfect time. Living in LA, I never do the touristy stuff since I grew up here. But also, Bear has never and he’s been here for only five years.

I couldn’t believe how ridiculously expensive the entrance ticket was. I didn’t mind paying for it but the next visitor we have, we’re definitely not bringing them to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. When I walked up, there was a price list on the counter. Everything was $59.99 and up. I asked what the price sheet was because I was in shock and didn’t want to believe that it was THAT pricey to get in. She said, those were the prices with the tours, which we didn’t need. I asked for entry price and she replied, $29.99, plus tax, the three of us got into the museum for the low price of $90 something! 😛

Once we were in, I forgot about the price. The wax statues were so realistic and a bit disturbing. As if they were going to start moving and become the actual celebrity, in real form. Every wrinkle detail on their face and hands were so lifelike. Their gums to their teeth and eyeballs were representational to a real human! We really enjoyed ourselves at the museum and I recommend it to anyone that has not been, to at least visit it once before they die. It’s truly amazing how true to life these figurines can be!




























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