Random Nights!

Met a friend for a drink in Downey, his friends were going to a karaoke place so I decided to join! ūüėõ I was supposed to pack for Colorado but ended up coming home at 3:30am! It’s crazy how this generation of boys party. They go to karaoke to meet girls and NOT sing. They just put on their playlist from their phone and party in the room like a private club. I just drank and sang as many songs as I could and try to break the ice between the guys and girls. It was fun nonetheless, people watching. HAHAhHAhahah!

Ted Baker Women’s Dariah Prep Style Blazer
Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump



My visit to NY is NEVER long enough. I was able to take this trip all through points so not money out of my pocket was spent. ūüôā

I arrived midnight on Thursday evening and the stupid pilot missed the runway due to weather. I had to sit in the plane for another 30 minutes. By the time I got to the city, it was already 1am. I changed quickly and met my friends (who were leaving Friday am back to LA) at the club. We went to Avenue (around 2am) and didn’t finish the night until about 5am. That’s what’s crazy about NY, so many hours in a day/night but once you go out, the rest of the day is shot. Although, we did wake up pretty early on Friday to run some errands. ūüôā

Friday was a birthday celebration (mainly people watching). We got home early enough and the next day was productive as well. Saturday evening was chill (met a friend who moved from LA) and got back early after a slice of pizza but JL and I got stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy until late. I slept in until 2pm on Sunday. O.O

We got ready, headed to brunch and then went to an Easter party. We drank (it went down well) and I had to catch my flight.

I remember waking up on the plane and wondering how I even got there. I woke up startled and wondered where I was. A nano second later, I realized I was on my way back home. No pounds lost, super exhausted and worried about shooting the next day.

The trip was about 24 hours extended but still not long enough. I never want to leave when it’s time.

My plan is to go back for #MDW. Long weekend will allow me to go for longer!



@TheCircleNYC #LDW

A trip to NY isn’t completed without a visit to The Circle NYC club in Koreatown.

I know, it’s so retarded that I still go k-clubbing but how can I not? I am KOREAN! ūüėõ

We celebrated the night with JL and her bf and his friends. I almost hate NY in the summer because it’s so goddamn hot and thank GOD I had my hanky cause I needed to wipe my face, constantly. I don’t know how other girls do it with all the makeup on their face… I die!


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First Night On The Job

I always knew¬†I had some power over men and I¬†never thought I’d use it to make a living.

How I decided to be a bartender was solely on the decision of making cash just like my hubby.

She had been working in the nightlife scene for over 8 years and she had her abundance of freedom and cash money!

I was always envious of her free daytime and the ability to sleep in whenever and however long.

She always talked to me about it and I always asked about it.

I was interested in the money.

I had just broken up with an ex and I was ready to get back into acting (2008), I needed my days free for auditions and my nights were only open for free meals dates.

I didn’t know anything about tending bar, so I took the classes and got the useless certification.

I don’t know why but I have always been afraid of American companies. Every job I’ve had, it was a Korean boss.

My first instinct was to work at the Korean club. It was a catch 22. I needed experience and I didn’t have experience.

My cousin’s husband’s friend was a manager at a bar/karaoke in #KTOWN and he said he’d get me an interview.

I was nervous, anxious and excited.

Granted my first job as a bartender wasn’t really bartending.

You see, Korean bars don’t mix drinks.

If you”re decent looking, have two working hands and can speak English, Korean or both, you’re in!

I was in.

I didn’t last long at the bar. It wasn’t my personality to kiss ass and ‘worship’ the patron for measly $50-$100.

As our job, we poured the hard liquor (mostly whiskey) in a shot glass. Pour the beer (Hite) in the beer glass. Pour the shot in the beer glass, squeeze lime, add ice, mix it around and pour the drink mix into another glass draining the liquid.

The whole idea was to make the best¬†poktanju (ŪŹ≠ŪÉĄž£ľ) (“bomb drink”).

The manager swore hers was the best. OF course, bitch, you’ve been a madam manager for how many years and how old are you? (She was probably nearing 40).

I didn’t care for beer nor did I care for whiskey so the hardest part of the job was to drink with the patrons.

Oh right, in Korean establishments, it’s encouraged to drink with your customers. Better tolerance = better tips.

I was at the lowest point in my life. I had just returned my 6-series lease and my mom wasn’t going to help me pay for my car payments. (I’ve never paid for car payments until this point in my life).

I ended up getting a VW Beetle Convertible because it was cute. I was okay the first day I got it. The days after that for the following two years (shortest lease), I was miserable and embarrassed.

No one knew me at the bar, but everyone loved me. When I did see someone I knew or that knew of me through a friend I wanted to go hide.

I didn’t last long at the bar. I was there no more than a month.

Parao was the name. It was the old Pointe at the basement of Aroma Center.

My next move was to Le Cercle. At first they wouldn’t hire me. It was my first interview before I went to Parao.

Then, I went back after I gained some ‘experience’. HA! What a crock of shit.

I did almost the same thing except mix hard liquor with beer. I just poured 1oz shots for $12.00 and sold bottles of the large Hite for $10.00.

But at least I didn’t have to sit and talk and listen to Korean men talk about how amazing they were and how I should go out with them.

I was over being a fucking bartender at a Korean bar. I felt like a hooker without doing the hooking.

I promised myself one thing, I will not be bartending when I turned 30.

I will say this, for the month that I worked, I had enough money to spend and play and have my days free. I was a vampire and slept most days but I enjoyed my freedom. I also enjoyed the attention because I will say that I was the most beautiful Korean girl they saw and could approach. ūüėõ

to be continued…

@theLineHotelLA with the Girls…



After shabu we came to grab a drink at the Line Hotel.

It was cool until it reminded us of a Koreatown Night Club.

Fog and green laser lights. I was confused.

It went from cool to Ktown in matter of seconds.

Why can’t it be a little bit of both?

WILFIT Sports Club

It’s common that any project of this size would have delay but it’ll be worth the wait!

I was able to stop by today and see the status of the build out.

I must say, everything is coming together nicely and I’m super excited to be the first member of the club!

And also to be contributing to the community of Koreatown!

Membership prices have actually dropped and the contracts are ready to be signed.








Loving the affirmations on the wall as well!

If anyone is interested in more information, please feel free to inquire!

You can sign up through me or at the satellite office located just few steps away from the club!

3470 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90010


The time is nearing and the doors will soon be open at the newly constructed LUXURIOUS sports club in Koreatown!

Make sure, if you haven’t done so to check out their satellite office in the building of :

3470 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

They are located next to the women’s spa and can give you all the information that you need.

There are a lot of promotions going on so please feel free to ask!

Koreatown was in NEED of a sports club and we need the nearby residents and business men/women to utilize all the amazing amenities.

It’s convenient, clean and most of all better than any other sports club can offer in a 5 mile radius!

Living a healthy lifestyle is about convenience and located in the heart of Koreatown, it is the most convenient place for all 120k residents!

Moral Ethics

Last semester I took two Philosophy classes.

1. Intro to Ethics

2. Intro to Logic

I ended up getting dropped from my Logics class due to my irresponsibility and quite honestly, the class was a bit difficult.

The Ethics class, however was right up my alley.

There seems to be a universal question that is asked by all professors during an ethics class. The way you answer the question can determine the level of how ethical you are.

You work with a friend and realize that your friend is stealing from the company, what do you do?

A. Talk to your friend

B. Snitch on your friend to the supervisor

C. Turn the blind eye

During the discussion in class, I thought to myself and decided that I would take the approach of talking to my friend first.

Apparently that isn’t what I should do. The morally ethical thing to do is to go to the supervisor and inform them.

The reason I bring this is up is because it is the reason I quit Vibe last weekend.

There were other factors in making my decision to NOT work at Vibe, but the main reason was because of my tolerance to working with unethical beings.

It all started when I got asked to come back to bartend back in December. I came as a favor to my old co-workers since they needed another bartender.

The first night I worked, she was a bitch and super angry because the club hired me.  We ended up being short in the cash register at the end of the night.

I know for a fact I didn’t miscount money. 1. I didn’t drink. 2. I’ve been working at the same bar for 2 years prior to that. 3. I’m not stupid.

I was stumped and irritated at the end of the night. A new co-worker and a new manager and the first night I work, we’re short.

I didn’t think anything of it. Thought it was an honest mistake, on her part of course.

In the next few months there were several instances where we were short in the register. Sometimes it was a small amount, one time is was $80 something dollars!

I was starting to get annoyed.

Not only did we have issues during close out, but the bitch that I worked with was fucking slow.

When I was managing the bar, we were out of there no later than 2:15am, on a slammed night. With her counting the money at the end of the night, we were getting out at 2:30am on a slow night.

And when I was working, even though I was the manager, I cleaned up with the other girls and then counted the cash and tips in front of them so they would see exactly what we made. This bitch just counted the money while I cleaned everything, for MONTHS!

I didn’t mind at first because I knew she thought she had¬†seniority¬†(which she didn’t) but since I’m a nice person, I figured I’d let her think she did.

And after all that has happened after the new management arrived, I know now why she took her sweet ass time counting the money. So she could clock in the minutes and get paid more. What a shady bitch.

When we got a 3rd bartender, my job was on the line because I was only working 1 night a weekend. I offered to come in twice since I wasn’t ready to leave. After weeks of working¬†among¬†the 3 of us, and the new girl only getting partial tips, the manager told us to split the tips equally. The bitch got super pissed and made a fuss. That night we ended up making around $250 each. At the end of the night the bitch pulled me aside and said, “We could’ve made over $300 each!” I agreed and we all went home.

The next weekend she pulled me aside at the¬†beginning¬†of the shift. This time she suggested that we give her less in the cash tips. I asked, “really?” cause I was a bit puzzled but¬†intrigued¬†at her audacity.¬†Regretfully, I didn’t inform the supervisor at that moment and even more remorsefully I didn’t stop her.

This went on for a weekend.¬†Luckily, we had an issue come up at work and the bitch and I weren’t on speaking terms.

I felt guilty but now I¬†couldn’t¬†say anything because I participated in this scheme. I don’t know if she shorted her after the incident and even short me since no one paid attention to her counting the money.

At that moment, I realized I didn’t want to work at Vibe anymore. At the end of every night, the new girl would clean, I would help the back manager do credit cards for the waiters and the bitch would count the money. I knew she was giving us less. She would also go out to the club and sell shots and probably pocket the cash as well. During this time is when I realized that she probably stole the money from the register to make it seem like I was¬†incompetent¬†of counting cash when I first started.

During the first few months, she would constantly complain about how the club didn’t need 2 bartenders and how she would be making so much more if I wasn’t there and would go on and on about how she felt¬†under appreciated.

Everything made sense. She was the cause of the missing cash in the register. How could she not be? How could I not come to that conclusion after everything?

We worked the following 2 weekends and I didn’t speak to her once. I was disgusted and annoyed and hated my job.

Thank god I was leaving town for 2 weekends.

During my time away, I thought about the position I was in and felt uncomfortable to be working with someone so conniving.

I knew that if I worked there any longer I would stress myself out and would hate coming into work.

The first night I came back, after my vacation, I told the managers that it would be my last weekend.

The Friday night was dreadful. During the night when she went off to sell shots around the club, and I know she would be pocketing some of the money. At the end of the night when she counted the cash, she probably did same.

I just took what she gave me and went home.

The next night was suppose to be my last day at Vibe. Due to filming, I didn’t make it.

I’m so glad I don’t have to see the bitch again.

And to the new girl, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t vocal about the shady business going on.


So I guess I’m not as morally ethical as I should be, but I came to my senses and took myself out of the situation.


The moral of the story, don’t assume the best of anyone because most people are only watching out for themselves.

I didn’t realize I was being burned until I saw her do it to someone else.