Random Nights!

Met a friend for a drink in Downey, his friends were going to a karaoke place so I decided to join! 😛 I was supposed to pack for Colorado but ended up coming home at 3:30am! It’s crazy how this generation of boys party. They go to karaoke to meet girls and NOT sing. They just put on their playlist from their phone and party in the room like a private club. I just drank and sang as many songs as I could and try to break the ice between the guys and girls. It was fun nonetheless, people watching. HAHAhHAhahah!

Ted Baker Women’s Dariah Prep Style Blazer
Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump



One random night… can’t remember when since I wait too long to blog.

I have all these photos uploaded to post but I never get around to it…

Either way, we ended up at Continental Club and enjoyed listening to Standards and discussing life.

Thank you @ChefChrisOh @HanjipBBQ @FrenchyFoody

Finally we made it out to Hanjip thanks to OpenTable and we were happy about being pigs!

My friend Chris (from Seoul Sausage) opened a KBBQ joint on the west side with our other friend Stephane Bombet, the restaurateur.

With Tomahawks, watermelon soju balls, bone marrow with corn cheese, steamed egg with uni, this place is a hit.

I definitely suggest the Tomahawk. My favorite.

Also, they have the flavored soju, which is the best of the best!





Tyler’s #TKD #2ndDegree #Blackbelt Testing

Tyler had his 2nd degree Black-belt testing on the Saturday morning after my holiday party. I drank responsibly to arrive Irvine early am to attend the testing/ceremony.

Actually, too early, I ended up sitting at a Starbucks for an hour waiting for my poopie to brew. 🙁

Tyler, of course, passed with flying colors. Not because his dad is the Master, but because he’s freaking awesome!

@The_Cash_Cannon #HBD

I saw this and immediately thought of my friend who was in dire need of one. The best kind of gifts are the ones that don’t require much thought. I wanted to include dollar bills in their but I didn’t want to give an additional $150 along with the gift so I decided to make fake dollars with his face on it. It started off as a $1 bill but decided $100 would be funnier. 😛


Click here to watch the trial run

@HanJipBBQ Opening @ChefChrisOh @FrenchyFoody

By the time this posts, the establishment will have been open for half a month.

If you have not seen the #foodporn by Stephane and Chris, make sure you check out their social media accounts. (Linked to their name).

I came by to visit on my way home from a meeting in MDR one late afternoon and I caught them in the middle of having a photo shoot.

Luckily, my friends and I are having dinner here this coming Thursday 11/5, as you may be realizing, I am writing this way early and scheduling it for post way later.

If you haven’t been yet, please go… the food looks amazing and if you catch Chris at the spot, he’ll be sure to make you laugh. He’s the biggest goofball, EVER!






@SeoulSausage #MondayFunday #DayDrinking #DTLA

My Mondays are my Sundays. I brunch with lots of alcohol and end up passing out and being hungover on the same day. Well, not every Monday, but often times.

This time we had a bunch of us that we kept calling over. We met Randy at 1pm at the new Seoul Sausage in DTLA and didn’t leave until 5pm. We kept eating and drinking and drinking and eating. If you haven’t been, please be sure to check it out because the food is same but different and better than W. LA. 😛

The best part about this place? It’s empty on a Monday and the bar is FULL!

Thanks Yong for my shirt! Now I can cover your shift any time!









Traditional Korean New Year!

Tyler was missing because he was in SJ with his dad’s family. 🙁

It was too cute to see the kids bow and get excited about doing this in front of the family. As you can see, everyone’s busy taking photos and not taking the bows. HahahahhaIMG_8724


I didn’t teach Bear but he watched and learned quickly! 🙂 Mr. 김!



He loves me

or should I say, he loves Korean food. I’d still love him if he didn’t eat all this stuff but he does and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He was devouring bossam. 😛

Also it would be awkward for us if we would go out and he’d be the only one NOT eating. IMG_7624


It’s funny that I’m marrying the first white guy I’ve dated.

I never dated a white guy because 1. I didn’t want to date a guy with #yellowfever. 2. I never thought they would find me attractive. 3. I thought they would always make me pay for half. 😛

My opinion about the term #yellowfever mellowed out. I recently realized that it’s not anyone’s fault for liking what they like. Granted some men like Asian women just because they are Asian but hey, what’s it to me? It’s not my problem. If a guy can’t see the difference between a beautiful Asian woman vs an ugly Asian women, more power to them.

I never thought I would marry Bear Baby.

Prior to our first date, I told myself that I was just going to have fun and step out of the box and just out with him.

The first date turned into seeing him every day after that. 🙂

I’m basing this off of my experiences from dating only Korean guys and one white guy so what I’m about to list isn’t necessarily true to all men.

Korean guys can’t communicate. They can’t express how they feel and allows their temper and anger arise when something bothers them. They expect you to give them respect without giving any in return. Korean men are so prideful and stubborn and will not apologize for their wrong doings. Most even think that going to clubs and drinking places where the have paid girls sitting next to them is acceptable. They are mostly all talk and no action. Most are superficial and floss things they bought on credit. Driving luxury cars in their parents’ names and living in a studio or one bedroom apartment is the lifestyle they live. They are so worried about what their parents think of you, that even if they truly loved you, if their parents didn’t approve, they would listen. The families are even worse. The parents are so judgmental and expecting. They want you to cater and serve their son, not because you want to but because you should. Korean men will also make you feel like you won’t be able to do any better. They will try to have a power over you and get very possessive and jealous. They’re just an all around piece of crap. I don’t know how I was able to deal with them for so long. They definitely know how to make you feel inferior and lose all self confidence.

Things I’ve learned with my white boyfriend.

He communicated very well, without ever getting upset or angry. There is never any drama and things are always worked out. He is supportive and praises everything that I do. He appreciated every little thing I do for him. He’s practical and not superficial. He knows how to save money and think about the future for me, him, Tyler, US. He is kind and never makes judgement. He is always more than willing to do anything I ask of him. Family wise, they are truly so wonderful. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. They did not judge me for my past and are always loving and caring. They too are very appreciative and understanding. Everything is just perfect.

I know what I’ve been through doesn’t put in stone of how Korean men are but I think it can apply to most.

Korean mama’s boy and a white mama’s boy is completely different. Korean men want from their wife exactly how their mother treats them. (Like a little boy). Picking up after them, cooking, cleaning and catering. My fiance does everything himself and it makes me want to do more because he doesn’t expect me to do it.

I thought the cultural difference would be difficult to get used to but I feel more comfortable with my fiance than I ever did with any of my exes.

I actually feel like I’m dating a man, not a boy.

For the sake of #worldpeace, I think we should all marry outside of our ethnicity. 😛

As for dating, I think it is wise to date outside of your race and explore the other options and upbringing to see which is the right fit for you.

I believe that there is that one person in the world for you and you just need to focus on yourself until the right time and person comes along.

Everything is about timing. If he/she seems perfect but timing is bad, they’re not your #soulmate.

Just be patient and true love will find you.

I can’t imagine being with anyone else other than Bear Baby. 🙂

First Night On The Job

I always knew I had some power over men and I never thought I’d use it to make a living.

How I decided to be a bartender was solely on the decision of making cash just like my hubby.

She had been working in the nightlife scene for over 8 years and she had her abundance of freedom and cash money!

I was always envious of her free daytime and the ability to sleep in whenever and however long.

She always talked to me about it and I always asked about it.

I was interested in the money.

I had just broken up with an ex and I was ready to get back into acting (2008), I needed my days free for auditions and my nights were only open for free meals dates.

I didn’t know anything about tending bar, so I took the classes and got the useless certification.

I don’t know why but I have always been afraid of American companies. Every job I’ve had, it was a Korean boss.

My first instinct was to work at the Korean club. It was a catch 22. I needed experience and I didn’t have experience.

My cousin’s husband’s friend was a manager at a bar/karaoke in #KTOWN and he said he’d get me an interview.

I was nervous, anxious and excited.

Granted my first job as a bartender wasn’t really bartending.

You see, Korean bars don’t mix drinks.

If you”re decent looking, have two working hands and can speak English, Korean or both, you’re in!

I was in.

I didn’t last long at the bar. It wasn’t my personality to kiss ass and ‘worship’ the patron for measly $50-$100.

As our job, we poured the hard liquor (mostly whiskey) in a shot glass. Pour the beer (Hite) in the beer glass. Pour the shot in the beer glass, squeeze lime, add ice, mix it around and pour the drink mix into another glass draining the liquid.

The whole idea was to make the best poktanju (폭탄주) (“bomb drink”).

The manager swore hers was the best. OF course, bitch, you’ve been a madam manager for how many years and how old are you? (She was probably nearing 40).

I didn’t care for beer nor did I care for whiskey so the hardest part of the job was to drink with the patrons.

Oh right, in Korean establishments, it’s encouraged to drink with your customers. Better tolerance = better tips.

I was at the lowest point in my life. I had just returned my 6-series lease and my mom wasn’t going to help me pay for my car payments. (I’ve never paid for car payments until this point in my life).

I ended up getting a VW Beetle Convertible because it was cute. I was okay the first day I got it. The days after that for the following two years (shortest lease), I was miserable and embarrassed.

No one knew me at the bar, but everyone loved me. When I did see someone I knew or that knew of me through a friend I wanted to go hide.

I didn’t last long at the bar. I was there no more than a month.

Parao was the name. It was the old Pointe at the basement of Aroma Center.

My next move was to Le Cercle. At first they wouldn’t hire me. It was my first interview before I went to Parao.

Then, I went back after I gained some ‘experience’. HA! What a crock of shit.

I did almost the same thing except mix hard liquor with beer. I just poured 1oz shots for $12.00 and sold bottles of the large Hite for $10.00.

But at least I didn’t have to sit and talk and listen to Korean men talk about how amazing they were and how I should go out with them.

I was over being a fucking bartender at a Korean bar. I felt like a hooker without doing the hooking.

I promised myself one thing, I will not be bartending when I turned 30.

I will say this, for the month that I worked, I had enough money to spend and play and have my days free. I was a vampire and slept most days but I enjoyed my freedom. I also enjoyed the attention because I will say that I was the most beautiful Korean girl they saw and could approach. 😛

to be continued…

@theLineHotelLA with the Girls…



After shabu we came to grab a drink at the Line Hotel.

It was cool until it reminded us of a Koreatown Night Club.

Fog and green laser lights. I was confused.

It went from cool to Ktown in matter of seconds.

Why can’t it be a little bit of both?

Food + New Friends = @DishCrawlLA #ktown

My first time dining with #DishCrawl and my opinion of this event is that it is a great way to meet new people without alcohol having to be the main focus.

Well, maybe for me it still was, but I kept my composure and actually had conversations with the other guests.

I met so many new friends last night, ones I hope to see again at the next event.

I was introduced to it by Mini the ambassador for #DishCrawl #Koreatown and although most of the guests that attended was expecting Korean food, they all seemed happy to have enjoyed other fantastic cuisines offered in #Ktown.

I met a group of girls who were celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday. Two guys that were writers/producers for a network show, some bloggers and USC grads.

It was a great mix of people and an amazing turnout.

The food offered at each restaurant was portioned well and with variety.

I wish my appetite wasn’t so small that I could eat a lot more, but I guess this is the price I pay for wanting to be skinny. 😛

I tasted everything, ate more of the items I liked more.

Hello Italian was my favorite and it was sad to see that they weren’t that busy. I feel like the location is hidden and not visible to the public enough for it to be busy. Kind of like Chynna Dim Sum.

They apparently have a dinner special. Two entrees, one appetizer and a free bottle of wine for…I’m sorry I forgot how much.

They also have buy one bottle, get one free. Just how I like it! 🙂


Hope you get to check out the next DishCrawl next time!



Our first stop… such a cute place! Something you’d see in a Korean drama series.



I love mini bottles of champagne.




Walking down the steps from Hello~



Walking over to the second stop!



The manager explaining the dishes at #Concerto.



Waiting patiently for Bear…



Dinner time at Concerto~



Too bad I don’t have photos from #EscalaLA…

I couldn’t believe the transformation that it had gone through to make this place way more enjoyable! High ceilings and open floor plan with indoor/outdoor feel. Bohemien was a piece of crap and so not smart with utilizing their interior architectural design.

Good job to the Escala team for creating a great environment to want to hang out, eat, drink and be merry.

Now my only job is to go back and enjoy the food, for real this time.


I really enjoyed meeting new people and running into old friends. I even enjoyed overeating and overdrinking.

I can’t wait for the next one and I hope to throw an event like this in the future too!


Great job Mini!

For all food posts, please check out:


Family Fun #KJcelebratelove @castawayburbank

ALthough the wedding was on Sunday, we all managed to drink enough and have fun!



The beautiful wedding was at the Castaway Mountain View Room, gorgeous views and yummy food!



Hanging out at the bar before the ceremony.

Ella Clutch is by Nadia Gabriella, make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!




I’m wearing RayBan Mirrored lens Aviators and he’s wearing Dita.

Make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!



The children…



Bride & father!









IMG_7546 - Copy


Prime rib!

IMG_7547 - Copy


My engagement ring is in the shop for repair since my diamonds fall out in the back… I shouldn’t have made the diamonds go so far back on my band. 🙁

My replacement is a 4.37 ct Marquise diamond with two trillion cut side diamonds. Knuckle rings by #rubystella, #vogue ring by #rubystella.

Ella Clutch is by Nadia Gabriella, make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!



Tyler & moi!



Groom & Bride!



The bride & moi~



Bear & I



Youngest cousin!



I rarely wear heels, so I was dying wearing heels all day! I had to rest my feet!



My dad and I dancing. Ballroom dancing. I was missing steps. 🙁



Garter toss!




All necessities fit in my clutch!



It was great hanging out with family and celebrating life of two families coming together!

Although they’ve been married for some quite now.