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Tailgate @USC

I got to visit my husband’s office for the very first time… during my 2nd tailgate of my life.

I didn’t enjoy the tailgate as much as I should have… reasons to be kept unknown.

Next time, I’ll need a flask filled with vodka. AND early arrival.

White is Right 

It’s past #LDW but IDC… I love wearing white, no matter how fat I feel.

Alexander Wang Tia Mirror Heels
J Brand – Mid Rise Skinny in Blanc 

Button Up Shirt

iPhone Chill Pill Case

2x-SWAROVSKI Crystal license plate frames Black Diamond Crystal

#DTLA Nights @ Spear & Steak

Date night with my Bear and two friends.

This place used to be Le Ka and I loved their Bahn Mi pizza, but now they’ve changed the whole concept and they don’t serve it anymore.

I like the new ambiance with the dueling piano show on Thursdays-Sundays after 9pm.

You know how I am about live music!


My husband turn 30 few weekends ago. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said, “I want to go to Kansas.”


So here we were! With his family and friends and enjoying his birthday as if we lived here!

It was relaxing and nice. My gf JL and her bf JH came from NY to celebrate it with us.

Happy 30th Bear!

On Repeat… Every Evening & Every AM

Bad habit. I haven’t woken up to do Jim in so long. So every night I pack my clothes for the next day in my gym bag. Every morning I take my day clothes out for the work day and put my gym clothes in my bag to go to the jim after work. Every evening I bring my gym bag back up to my room and take out the gym clothes I didn’t wear back out and pack the next day’s clothes.

On Repeat.

Natasha Fur Bag