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My colleague has published a book and from what I know of him, I can say that I’m very excited to read his book! He’s gentle, poised, professional, handsome and very friendly. Lucky to be working with him and super proud to know someone personally who has done something that I wish to do! His feat has actually motivated me to want to start back on my book that I would like published one of these days.

Uncharted Waters

How often does a person change their toothbrush?

ADA Report states that one should change every 3-4 months!

I’m not sure about months but I change it when the bristols get crazy.

My only concern is because Bear hasn’t changed his toothbrush while I’m on my second or third. I think it’s the third.

So the real question is… Am I brushing too hard or is he brushing too gentle?

If I were to make a judgement, I’d say brushing your teeth is equivalent to your personality. πŸ˜›

I’m harsh and he’s the opposite! πŸ™‚

Oh another note, he brushes way more than me!

Watch then read…

It’s been a week and my friend is still thinking about the movie Gone Girl.

It was probably the most exciting story line in a while. Films these days are either too commercial or too unrealistic. Although Gone GirlΒ is a bit out of wack, it’s believable. People are crazy and we’re oblivious to it.

Watching the film made me wish I read the book. I realized there are three parts to the story so… yep, I got it. But not for me… for my friend who is obsessing over the film!

The Complete Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Objects

I pulled something…

Thursday with my trainer and my back felt like it was going to snap during my obliques exercise. He told me to stop and it felt tight but kept going without straining too much.

Went to do Jim Saturday am and it was sore. I painfully did 60 minutes on the stairmaster.

This am I get up, get ready and put on my heels to go to church and my back is in so much pain. Just like when I threw it out several months ago.

With every step I felt like it was going to snap. Pressure on my right foot made me feel like I was going to lose balance and fall to my knees.

I’ve been very careful all day but quietly in pain. My mom put some ointment on and I was relieved from a bit of the pain but it’s starting to come back.

On the way up from dropping Tyler off in OC, I googled and found this.

Seems to be the best tutorial for back pain remedy online that I’ve seen so far.

If anybody has some pointers on what I should do, I’d love to hear read them!

At first I thought I pulled it, now idk what the hell is wrong with it.

Being honest is a crime.

Who can I really talk to about feeling shitty?

I don’t even know if I want to hear the feedback. I may or may not, I won’t know until I hear it.

I don’t want to, to friends, because either I don’t want to burden them of listening to me bitch or I just don’t trust them.

I don’t want to, to Bear Baby, because he’ll want to fix it. But there isn’t anything for him to fix. I mean, I wish there was, really. I don’t like feeling like I’m unsatisfied. Especially because he’s not the problem.

Im happy 1/2 the days out of the week and the other half, I’m beary moody. Beary moody to Bear. πŸ˜› He may say otherwise in the how many days but something like that.

I could go every other day, consecutive days, every six hours, nobody knows.

I’m most certain it’s because of my professional goals. I want to get to a certain place and I don’t know if I’m making progress because I have no patience. Less patience than a pedophile.

So, we just dropped Tyler off for him to be at his dad’s and driving back in traffic from OC to LA.

I’m changing my tag line to “Being honest is a crime”. Now my social media handle has a meaning.

I was using it because I liked it. Unfortunately that was not my clever idea. Someone else came up with it as an idea in passing and I decided to use it years after it was ever mentioned. I don’t believe that the person keeps tabs but I do believe that they think they should be credited, so thank you BB.

Moving on, VIOLETCRIMES. I commit crimes because I’m too honest. People hate that I’m too honest. Actually, and right. It’s too much for them to handle.

I may be getting a little ahead of myself but I think I’m funny too.


I’m gonna stop now. Feeling better already and not feeling shitty.