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You know I’m a sucker for anything purple Violet.
My dear husband in New York set his calendar to get me the new release of the Nike Air VaporMax sneakers in Violet!!! They come in the pale and true Violet,
I got the true Violet.

Nike Sportswear Wmns Air Vapormax Flyknit




We left Vegas at 6pm and got home around 8pm. We took a nap for an hour and I packed quickly to go to New York.

Our flight to NY was at 11:30pm and we landed at 8:30am on Sunday. Bear is temporarily moving to NY for 10 weeks and it didn’t hit me until I got in my Uber to leave for the airport on Monday evening.

Balenciaga Sandals (different color)
Adidas Originals NMD_R1 PK Mens Running Trainers
Hermes Bracelet
Rolex Watch

Quick Stop @OddfellowsNYC

Before heading to Indochine for our last date night dinner, we had some time so we decided to stop by our favorite social media influencer’s top ice cream spot. @FoodBABYNY

We got one waffle cone to share… carrot cake + corn bread ice cream. It was as delicious as it sounds.





My husband turn 30 few weekends ago. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said, “I want to go to Kansas.”


So here we were! With his family and friends and enjoying his birthday as if we lived here!

It was relaxing and nice. My gf JL and her bf JH came from NY to celebrate it with us.

Happy 30th Bear!


My trip to NY in August was super eventful. The weather was much better and I experienced an amazing dining experience at The Nomad Hotel. Although it wasn’t truffle season and my gf JL really wanted me to try the truffle pasta.. we figured I’d be back soon enough to try it next time! We had frosé, saw sapphires and enjoyed the tolerable weather… way better than my trip before.

My next NY trip is in October, less than a month away and another in November… I’m excited to be back with my fur!

Decisions @YouTube #bvityl #pigletventures

The hardest part about editing a video is the part when I have to pick a cover. Most of the time, there aren’t any still shots I can use. The other times, I can’t decide which shot of me shoving food in my mouth is not too sexual, ugly looking, can’t be edited to put a weewee to cover the food… etc. I don’t want it to be too inappropriate, but I want it to look like I’m actually eating! These were the three options for my last video from New York. The only problem was… I didn’t screen shot it before snapping it. Dumb dumb dumb on my part, had to go back and try to find the images.


I must say, I was the fattest I’ve been in New York on this last trip. My fat ass still ate like a pig and enjoyed my mini vacation. It’s crazy how often I’ve been going to NY and I’m always thinking about when I’m going to go back. I will say though, it is different with JL having a place of her own and now living with her bf.

I forgot how warm and disgusting NY gets in the summer. I’ve been so many times in the fall and winter that I didn’t expect the weather to be THAT unbearable. I plan to skip NY for the rest of the season and look forward to going back in the fall. However when I was editing my NY video, I realized how much fun I have with my gf JL and how much I already missed her. Being able to relive the moment through my videos are priceless and I’m so glad I picked up on this hobby even though I annoy most people with my camera in their face.

Tom Ford Sunglasses
Pedialyte powder to reduce hangovers
Spam Musubi Maker
Canon G7X Camera
Tom Ford Lip Stain

Frank Sinatra: Violets For Your Furs

Why have I never heard this song before? The title says it all. This will be my theme song.

“Violets for Your Furs” is a 1941 song written by Matt Dennis with words by Tom Adair.

The song describes the wearing of violets with furs on an evening in Manhattan.


My visit to NY is NEVER long enough. I was able to take this trip all through points so not money out of my pocket was spent. 🙂

I arrived midnight on Thursday evening and the stupid pilot missed the runway due to weather. I had to sit in the plane for another 30 minutes. By the time I got to the city, it was already 1am. I changed quickly and met my friends (who were leaving Friday am back to LA) at the club. We went to Avenue (around 2am) and didn’t finish the night until about 5am. That’s what’s crazy about NY, so many hours in a day/night but once you go out, the rest of the day is shot. Although, we did wake up pretty early on Friday to run some errands. 🙂

Friday was a birthday celebration (mainly people watching). We got home early enough and the next day was productive as well. Saturday evening was chill (met a friend who moved from LA) and got back early after a slice of pizza but JL and I got stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy until late. I slept in until 2pm on Sunday. O.O

We got ready, headed to brunch and then went to an Easter party. We drank (it went down well) and I had to catch my flight.

I remember waking up on the plane and wondering how I even got there. I woke up startled and wondered where I was. A nano second later, I realized I was on my way back home. No pounds lost, super exhausted and worried about shooting the next day.

The trip was about 24 hours extended but still not long enough. I never want to leave when it’s time.

My plan is to go back for #MDW. Long weekend will allow me to go for longer!



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